3 Reasons to Join TotemFi’s Exclusive Oracles Group

For anyone who’s been paying attention to TotemFi over the past few months will invariably be familiar with our Mooncaster events; through this innovative initiative, we’ve been providing members of our community with the opportunity to receive pre-IDO allocations in some of the hottest up and coming crypto projects.

Through these events, we’ve been lowering the barriers to entry around traditionally inaccessible prelaunch token sales, and providing our community members with a route to market access. We’ve also always believed in rewarding the most active, engaged and enthusiastic members of our community, as their level of commitment is what makes TotemFi special and sets it apart from other projects in the space.

As such, several months ago we created two exclusive groups for these members of our community; the TotemFi Oracles Den, and the TotemFi Oracles Den Elite. These are private Telegram groups, open to community members who hold over 500 and 5,000 TOTM tokens respectively. Members of the Oracles groups will already be very familiar with all the benefits to be gained from being part of these exclusive communities, but we decided to put together an overview of these benefits for all TOTM token holders who haven’t yet joined the Oracles — let’s dive in!

Community perks

Our Oracles groups present the TotemFi community with a host of reasons to join and participate in this exciting initiative; chief amongst these are the community perks which being a Totem Oracles presents; by being in the Oracles, you’ll be part of one of the most tight-knit communities in the DeFi space. You’ll be able to share thoughts, ideas and alpha (on a good day!) with other like minded crypto enthusiasts.

Here at TotemFi we also strongly believe in rewarding our community for advocating and extolling the benefits of our project to their own personal network of contacts; by bringing their friends into the fold, our community will be playing a vital role in amplifying the mission and vision of TotemFi. To incentivise this, we offer generous referral bonuses to any Totem Warriors who brings a friend, family member or fellow crypto enthusiast into either of the Oracles groups.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that all of the TotemFi team are in the Oracles groups as well, meaning you’ll have exclusive access to the project founders, Jolyon and Harry. This presents a lot of exciting opportunities — you can speak to them first hand about the latest developments in the project, ask them any questions or raise any concerns you might have, and even give suggestions directly to the key decision makers in TotemFi — you’ll have an opportunity to input on the direction and future of the project.

Project Collaboration

The above section brings us on to the next major incentive for being in the Oracles groups; collaborating with the team and key stakeholders to improve the TotemFi ecosystem. Whether it be opinion polls, feedback forms, or just an impromptu message from our CEO, we’re constantly looking to our most active community members to voice their opinion on the latest initiatives to come out of Totem HQ.

Having a tangible and measurable impact on the success of a project at forefront of the DeFi sector means that our Oracles, by being vocal participants within the community, are themselves shaping the progress and furthering the agenda of decentralised finance.

Pre-IDO token allocations

At this point, it’s necessary to mention the most unique aspect of our two exclusive community groups; both the Oracles and the Oracles elites provide means of acquiring allocations in the hottest up-and-coming token launches. Traditionally, accessing these markets has been fraught with difficulty for members of the retail crypto community, so we devised our Mooncaster event series to lower these barriers and provide the Totem Warriors with the opportunity to take part in token launches through a fun, engaging and rewarding initiative.

Allocations are distributed amongst the Oracles group, open to anyone holding over 500 TOTM tokens, and the Oracles Elite group, open to anyone holding over 5,000 TOTM tokens. Recently we’ve also started distributing allocations to our wider community through the main TotemFi Telegram group as well. The Oracles and Oracles Elite groups receive the lion’s share of the allocation, with the latter typically receiving the most; given that the Elite group currently has only 30 members, and our last event offered 17 allocations, the chances of successful acquisitions are greater than 50% — good odds by any standard!

To enter the TotemFi Oracles Elite group, follow these steps:

  • Follow the instructions after clicking on the link to join the Totem Warriors — Oracles’ Den Elite group: bit.ly/3waQ6iF
  • Complete Collab.land verification, to show you’re holding 5000 TOTM

To enter the TotemFi Oracles group, follow these steps:

  • Follow the instructions after clicking on the link to join the Totem Warriors — Oracles’ Den group: bit.ly/39XK4cm
  • Complete Collab.land verification, to show you’re holding 500 TOTM

Thank you very much for reading and we look forward to seeing you Stake, Predict, and Grow in the Oracles Den!

Big love,

Team Totem



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