$5,000 $HID and $TOTM Giveaway!

On the 16th September, TotemFi and Hypersign are launching a joint campaign, giving away $2,500 of $TOTM and $2,500 of $HID to the crypto community! Anyone can take part, and all you need to do to receive the tokens is follow some simple steps.

TotemFi has recently launched their innovative staking-based prediction platform, found at app.totemfi.com, and released their stunning Series One NFT collection, details here https://bit.ly/TotemNFT, and listing here https://opensea.io/collection/totemfi-series-one.

On the TotemFi platform you earn guaranteed staking returns, currently 100% APY, as well as BTC and TOTM rewards if you come closest to predicting the BTC price when the pool finishes. The closest 25 predictions are rewarded, the higher you place, the more rewards you receive. Best of all, we don’t penalise for inaccuracy, so you don’t lose any of your stake for an incorrect prediction.

Hypersign have recently launched their HyperFyre platform, a whitelisting and KYC solution that puts privacy at the heart and prevents malicious actors from taking part. It’s revolutionary in the industry, and the open-beta platform will be used to host this campaign. With some huge improvements in the pipeline, this platform incredibly exciting.

Now the introductions are out of the way, let’s talk about how you can get your hands on a share of our $5,000 giveaway!

So What’s the prize?

Win a share of our $5,000 prize pool, consisting of $2,500 of $HID and $2,500 of $TOTM tokens. All you have to do to win is follow the steps below!

If you want to earn your share of $TOTM and $HID (which, let’s be honest, you do!), all you’ll have to do is sign up to the HyperFyre portal (link released on the 16th), and follow the steps below to fill your wallets with $HID and $TOTM!!

How does the campaign work?

There are some tasks that need to be completed. For each task you complete, whether it’s signing up yourself or asking your friends to sign up, you earn points.

For signing up and task completion you get 5 Points ($1).

For inviting your friends to sign up, you get 10 Points ($2).

For staking at https://app.totemfi.com, you get 30 points ($6).

After completing your tasks you will be given a referral link. Share that link with your friends and family and when they sign up (with your link), you and your friends will both earn! You will receive 10 points, and your friend will receive 5. You can invite up to 100 friends!

There will be an additional task, to take part in TotemFi’s staking-based prediction protocol at app.totemfi.com by staking a minimum of 250 TOTM (on the Binance Smart Chain). You will earn 100% APY, and additional TOTM and BTC rewards for predicting BTCs price! If the wallet address entered in the campaign has predicted on the TotemFi platform in the relevant pools, you will earn 30 points!

Everyone’s a winner with TotemFi and Hypersign!

Terms and conditions:

  • 1 point is equal to $0.20.
  • Campaign starts on 16th September.
  • Campaign ends on 30th September.
  • For each sign up and task completion you get 5 points ($1).
  • For each successful referral, you earn 10 points ($2).
  • For staking on app.totemfi.com in the relevant pools, you earn 30 points ($6).
  • After completing your tasks you will be given a referral link. Share that link with your friends and family and when they sign up (with your link), you will receive 10 points and your referral will receive 5 Points (after they sign up).
  • Each person can earn up to 1,000 points.
  • Payment will be made in $HID and $TOTM Tokens, with 50% of the value paid in each token.

NOTE: Signing up without a referral link is not eligible for earning points

What do you need to participate?

  1. Desktop Computer/Laptop — Mobile is not recommended
  2. Working Twitter Account
  3. Working Telegram Account
  4. ERC-20 and BSC wallet address — if you are using MetaMask you will already have both, see here for how to set up BSC in Metamask — https://bit.ly/3hwtdkQ
  5. Chrome Browser Preferred

We hope you enjoy our HUGE giveaway campaign, and are as excited about the future of Hypersign and TotemFi as we are!

Check out our social media, and don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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🤖 Reddit: reddit.com/r/hypersign/


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🤝 Discord: https://discord.gg/JEFr8npP
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🎨 Series One NFT Collection: https://opensea.io/collection/totemfi-series-one

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