Announcing the end of our Strategic and Private sale vesting

Since our TGE earlier this year on April 6th, early warrior backers of the TotemFi project have been receiving their token allocations in monthly instalments — an industry-standard model which ensures that no one person or organisation receives too large a quantity of tokens at a single time.

Following these monthly unlock events for the first five months of the TOTM token being live, we can now announce that all strategic and private sale investors have received all their tokens, and there will be no more monthly unlocks for these sale rounds.

This announcement marks a milestone in the maturity and development of the TotemFi project, represents stabilisation of token supply — of which, let’s not forget, there is only TEN MILLION — and puts us in a very strong position for our Mainnet launch on August 17th.

We’d like to take this opportunity to once again thank all warriors in the TotemFi community who have been with us along this incredible journey — we can’t wait to see you all staking, predicting, and growing your TOTM and BTC assets with us on August 17th! This is very much just the start, with many more big TotemFi plans to come!

Thanks for reading,
Team Totem





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