Announcing TotemFi “Mooncaster” -our pre-IDO allocation prediction series!

We’re thrilled to announce that TotemFi will soon be offering pre-IDO allocations in some of crypto’s most exciting projects. If you’re tired of missing out on whitelist spots, or can’t get into early round token sales, our “Mooncaster” events will be a great solution!

We’ll be entering into strategic partnerships with soon-to-launch projects, and we’ll be offering allocations in their pre-IDO fundraising rounds to members of our community who hodl over 500 $TOTM tokens, and are part of our exclusive Totem Oracles Telegram group!

Members of the Oracles will predict what ATH price the project we’ve partnered with will achieve in their first 24 hours following launch, and the predictions which come the closest will secure an allocation!

How to participate in TotemFi “Mooncaster” events

To get an allocation in one of our partners’ pre-IDO token sales, members of the Totem community will have to follow these steps:

  • Join the Totem Warriors — Oracles’ Den group:
  • Complete verification, to show you’re hodling 500 TOTM
  • Fill in the form (which will be pinned in the group), and enter your price prediction!

Following the conclusion of the event everyone’s predictions will be sorted, and we’ll distribute allocations to the selected community members in line with the projects vesting schedule. For example if we secure a strategic sale allocation that is vested over three months, our distribution will match the projects.

These Mooncaster events will allow us to provide our community with a route into otherwise inaccessible pre-IDO token allocations, and should prove to be a big step in the right direction of making crypto token launches more equitable and accessible for everyone.

We’ve already partnered with a hot upcoming crypto project and secured an allocation in their launch. We’ll be able to provide all the details for this soon, and shortly afterwards our first pre-IDO prediction event for the TotemFi community will be underway!

This will be the first of many partnerships we’ll enter into, and we’re currently in talks with a lot of very exciting projects — watch this space!

— —

Please do get in touch with any ideas or feedback, as we will always be looking to work with the community to better the project.

Join us on Twitter and Telegram to stay tuned. Sign up for early access at

Thanks for reading,

Team Totem



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