Beta testing for TotemFi’s prediction markets platform is open to applications!

We’re delighted to announce the next major milestone on our road to Mainnet — the beginning of beta testing for the TotemFi prediction markets platform!

Applications for beta testing are now open to our strongest warriors 💪 and will run until 5pm UTC on Friday, June 11th. There are 15 spots available for, and three ways to apply:

  1. There are 5 spots available to warriors with exceptional beta testing experience. Enter your credentials here as a top beta tester:
  2. In the spirit of a community-driven, market platform, we’re offering 5 spots for members of the TotemFi community who most accurately predict what the price of BTC will be when applications close on Friday at 5pm UTC. Enter your price prediction here:
  3. To reward our most loyal Totem Warriors, there are five spots available in total for members of our two Oracles’ dens; 3 for Totem Oracles, and 2 for Totem Oracles Elite. For applications via these groups, please fill in the forms which are in the pinned messages. Successful applicants will be chosen by a random draw.

To add an extra incentive for our beta testers, and to show our appreciation for our amazing community who have been with us on the journey to Mainnet, we’ll be giving 15 x 100 $TOTM tokens at the end of the beta testing period — a small token of our appreciation to the Totem Warriors who will play a big role in the launch of our staking-based, non-punitive prediction markets platform!

Community spirit and collaborative effort has always been at the very centre of our project, and as such we’re looking for highly active participation in our beta testing — we need as much feedback from our earliest users as possible, so that when Mainnet launches it’s in the very best operational shape possible for our wider community.

We want to thank all of our entrants in advance for applying to get involved with beta testing, and for contributing to the successful launch of the TotemFi platform — you’re the real MVPs 😉

Thanks very much for reading, and we’re looking forward to having you all with us as the road to Mainnet draws to a successful finale!

Big love,
Team Totem



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