Details around TotemFi’s new pool lengths revealed!

Another step along the TotemFi roadmap! As set out in our initial whitepaper, and, following strong demand from our community, we’ve established a variety of new staking pool lengths. This is to give our community of Totem Warriors the opportunity to predict the price of BTC at various maturities — users can now put their prediction skills to the test at varying timeframes to best suit their needs!

Our inaugural “Fox’’ prediction pool will now be replaced by three pools, each with new timeframes and maturities. These are as follows:

  • Fox pool; 1 day entry period, 3 day lock, Maximum length 4 days
  • Wolf pool; 4 day entry period, 10 day lock, Maximum length 14 days
  • Owl pool; 6 day entry period, 30 day lock, Maximum length 36 days

The Totem team has also been busy pulling together the pool departure schedule for the coming weeks, so that our Warriors can know when they’ll next be able to Stake, Predict and Win with the worlds’ first non punitive prediction markets platform! An overview of this schedule is as follows:

Fox pool (Max 4 days):

Wolf Pool (Max 14 days):

Owl pool (Max 36 days):

It’s important to note with these departure schedules, however, that like all things blockchain, they may be subject to some minor changes and deviations, based on external factors. A consequence of working with some of the most modern, cutting-edge tech in the world is that unforeseen issues can arise which means we may have to slightly alter our plans.

However, as always, we’ll keep our community fully in the loop regarding our staking pools schedules, and any amendments will be made known well in advance. We’ll be using a live document to map out the departures, both for October and for the coming months, so please do consult it regularly to find out when our next pools will be up and running!

- — -

Thanks very much for reading — we can’t wait for you all to join us in our new Wolf, Fox and Owl staking pools! There are many more exciting developments to our platform and project coming down the pipeline, so do stay tuned to find out what’s next for TotemFi and the Totem Warriors!

Big love,

Team Totem

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