Details released on TotemFi’s Exclusive NFTs & TOTM Drop

The time has come for us to reveal the details of our seminal NFT series release! In this article we will explain how you can get your hands on one of TotemFi’s exclusive NFTs, issued with up to as many as 2000 TOTM tokens!

Our team has worked incredibly hard on our Series One NFTs, and we are so excited to release the artwork to the wider community. This rare collection of digital art will begin minting on Thursday 9th September, and will be available to be bought and won by Totem Warriors in select staking pools.

In case you missed our previous article, here are some details on our TotemFi Series One NFTs:

“In leafy clearings, never undappled, they communed with the eldritch spirits of the woods. Together they forged the sacred Totem talismans and imbued them with great maelstroms of coruscating energy.

There are some who say that, though the Elders have long since left our physical plane, the talismans remained.

If you choose to brave those ancient forest trails, take heed: the faint golden shimmer; the crackle of petrified lightning, the promise of unspent power — these things tantalise and tempt the weary traveller.

But do not stray too deep, and remember: if the fables are true, it is not the seeker who finds the amulet, but the amulet that finds the seeker.”

The Owl, Wolf and Fox Trinkets are symbolic of the TotemFi brand

TotemFi “Triptych” is the rarest of the NFTs we’ve created, and features the three core TotemFi spirit animals — Owl, Wolf, Fox, — in a sylvan wilderness scene. As the scene progresses, the TotemFi triumvirate of animals are charged with an electric blue current — a supernatural phenomenon which occurs when the three effigies are brought together in the wild. This ultra-rare and exquisite NFT will be revealed when we begin minting, on Thursday 9th September.

The Ascendant Fox, 1/7 rarity, issued with 250 TOTM

Our exclusive Series One NFTs will be released in stages. On Thursday 9th September we will list the Series One NFT’s on OpenSea, to be bought by the Warriors and the wider crypto community. Details on which ones will be listed for sale, how much they will be listed for, and how you can get your hands on one of these tantalising pieces of art will be released on the day.

See the table below to find out how rare each of them are, and how much TOTM will be issued with them:

How to receive the TOTM airdrop?

After the release on 9th September the addresses holding the NFTs on 9th October 2021 will receive (via airdrop) the corresponding amount of TOTM tokens displayed in the table above. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of our exclusive NFTs, they will be an ERC721 token, in the MP4 format, viewable in your MetaMask mobile application or through platforms such as OpenSea or Rarible.

Staking pool and Warrior winners

One of our Ascendent Owl trinkets going to a randomly selected participant in our genesis pool. This lucky community member will be announced on Friday 10th September, and will receive the super-rare NFT, issued with 250 TOTM tokens! There will be some upcoming staking pools with further chances for people to earn these fantastic rewards.

As for our Warrior of the Month competition, we will be rewarding the winner with one of our super-rare Ascendant Fox Trinkets. A powerful trinket, this is one of only seven in existence, and will be issued with 250 TOTM tokens. Warrior of the Month winner will be announced on the 8th September.

The Starforged Fox, 1/5 rarity, issued with 400 TOTM

Community developed NFTs

Finally, we will mint our community artwork competition NFTs on the Matic (Polygon) network. Ten of each design will be minted, and these will be rewarded to stakers in our pools, with 2 NFT’s given away each pool to two lucky community members.

Thanks for reading — we can’t wait to get our NFTs out into the TotemFi community!

Big love,

Team Totem



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