Forests, Oceans and Skies; TotemFi’s Roadmap Review (part 2)

In this instalment of the TotemFi Roadmap Review, we’ll be diving into all things Ocean phase, and giving the Totem Warriors an overview of all things great and good which we’ve got lined up for the rest of 2021. Without further ado, let’s dip our toes in and get this roadmap review flowing!

Firstly, and following on from the first instalment of our Roadmap Review, among our key priorities for the Ocean phase are to deliver the aspects of our Forest roadmap for which we had to make adjustments in the timeline of delivery.

Amongst these is our Enhanced Rewards functionality, which will reward our users based on how early they enter our staking pools, alongside the reskin of our dApp. We’re dropping a sneak peak of this below, so you can see what our top tier design team have been working on:

Looking ahead, in Ocean phase we’re also planning to launch the automation of our non-punitive BTC staking pools; this will greatly reduce the friction to prediction for our Totem Warriors, and will make their overall experience of the TotemFi prediction platform a lot slicker. We can’t wait to roll this out!

The headline news of our Ocean phase however is going to be the introduction of the next era of the TotemFi dApp; that’s right, we’re talking additional asset expansion! We’ve been working hard between the product and development team for a complete upgrade of the dApp to allow for a much more scalable format.

With this implementation we’ll be introducing more on chain assets into our ecosystem which platform users will be able to stake into our pools and use to predict the future price of BTC. Very soon, we’ll be Staking, Predicting, and Winning with asset such as ETH, BNB, ADA and many other coins alongside TOTM.

We’ll of course be offering alternative pool mechanics for the pools such as pool length, reward distribution and much more

That’s it for the second installment of our Roadmap Review — we hope you found our outlook for Ocean phase as useful as we did! We can’t wait to present Part 3, where we’ll be soaring through our Sky phase, and all the exciting things we have coming up in Q1 2022!

To the moon,

Team Totem



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