Forests, Oceans and Skies; TotemFi’s Roadmap Review (part 3)

In the third and final instalment of the TotemFi Roadmap Review, we’ll be soaring through our Sky Phase, and exploring all the marvellous things we’re planning to accomplish in Q1 of 2022. Without further ado, let’s dip our toes in and get this roadmap review flowing!

- — -

In part 2 of our Roadmap Review, we discussed how throughout the rest of Q4 we’ll be readying additional on chain assets into the TotemFi platform ecosystem, and will allow our users to predict the future prices of ETH, BNB, and other cryptocurrencies. In Sky phase this will be delivered and we’ll be expanding this even further, with development plans for off chain assets coming into the mix as well.

On deployment Totem Warriors will be able to stake their TOTM and predict the future price of assets such as gold, TradFi assets, and the most popular stocks such as Tesla, Apple and Netflix! By bringing the most in demand traditional asset classes onto the TotemFi platform, we’ll be expanding our horizons, broadening our user-base, and fostering widespread and mainstream adoption not just of our platform but the prediction markets space as a whole.

In addition, in Q1 of 2022 we’ll be launching a new monthly featured pools series! Because of the tremendous success and uptake we saw of our Neptune Mega Pool, we decided to make these a recurring feature of the TotemFi platform, and have a new featured pool each month with large rewards for the Totem Warriors, expanded game theory and reward distribution principles underpinning it, as well as an engaging theme to captivate our community of committed stakers!

We can’t wait to roll out our featured pool offering, and we’ll be working closely with our community to access exactly what the Warriors most want to speculate on! Stay tuned for more details on this.

Lastly, in Q1, we’ll be introducing batch predictions; this will enable our Totem Warriors to Stake, Predict, and Win on multiple assets and in multiple pools at once; this will save considerable time and, arguably most importantly, gas fees when using the platform. Great news all round!

- — -

This now concludes our 3-part Roadmap Review! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it, and we’re very much looking forward to everything the future has in store for TotemFi and all the Totem Warriors! #ToTheMoon

With love,

Team Totem



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