Introducing TotemFlare — TotemFi’s Joint Venture with Hypersign’s Hyperfyre platform!

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — community is at the very heart of what we’re trying to achieve here at TotemFi. When our founders first created the project, they did so with the vision of making non-punitive prediction markets a reality for the crypto community.

With that in mind then, you can imagine how excited we were when we came across a project in the DeFi space as committed to fostering positive community cohesion as we are. It wasn’t long after meeting our friends at Hypersign — the innovative Cross-chain Identity and Access Management Protocol — that we knew we were embarking on the start of a long term partnership.

The passion and dedication with which they approach community management and growth was inspiring, the most recent demonstration of which being the creation of HyperFyre; a privacy-centric marketing tool that promotes community expansion whilst helping businesses whitelist and KYC their users and preventing malicious actors from participating and ensuring that user data is safe and secure.

Through our partnership with Hypersign, we ran a hugely successful bounty campaign, and also introduced a number of our other key contacts onto the platform. And now, we’re incredibly excited to announce that TotemFi will be entering into a Joint Venture with the creation of TotemFlare, the newest iteration of HyperFyre.

The expert team at Hypersign will be running the backend, ensuring the platform remains operationally successful and constantly innovating the tech behind it to expand functionality!

Our passion for prediction markets underpins this collaboration; we’ll be adding in predictive elements to future bounty campaigns on TotemFlare, offering users bonus points to speculate on things such as how many people take part in the campaign, which aspect of it will receive the most attention, and so on.

Through this, we’ll be introducing whole new communities and broad new audiences to the principles of predictions, and driving adoption of decentralised forecast markets to exciting and uncharted places!

In addition, this collaborative initiative will be highly rewarding to our community of Totem Warriors; with each campaign run on TotemFlare, there will be a bonus task to Stake, Predict and Win on the TotemFi dApp. Warriors and TOTM HODLers will be given an opportunity not just to benefit from our non-punitive prediction markets, but to win additional rewards on top of this through the TotemFlare platform!

We want to thank our friends at Hypersign for the opportunity they’ve given us with TotemFlare — we’ve got BIG things planned together, and we can’t wait to reveal what we have in store for the platform. Our first TotemFlare x Hypersign partner will be revealed soon!

Stay closely tuned — you don’t want to miss what we’ve got cooking over at TotemHQ! #Triptych…!

To the moon,

Team Totem



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