TotemFi’s Mainnet launch feedback


Thank you so much for all of your fantastic feedback on your experience with TotemFi’s Main Net Launch earlier this month. It was great to understand your feelings, and we are taking all advice onboard. You, the community, are such an integral part of our mission and will be instrumental for the direction we are taking TotemFi.

Below we have compiled and summarised your views from the feedback form:

How would you describe your experience with the launch of TotemFi’s Open Beta launch?

  • Excellent community involvement
  • Great hype
  • Clear communication

What features do you want to see most on the platform?

  • Clearer visual display of Pools.
  • Wider variety of prediction events.
  • Prize diversity.
  • Pre-IDO prediction events.
  • Proportionately larger BTC rewards.
  • More launches

Development points:

Larger items

  • Clarity — How many days the pool was? Existence of 3% fee? — some people didn’t know and wanted more info.
  • Maximum cap necessary to stop all members being a winner

Minor items

  • A double layer of fees when interacting with the platform smart contracts.
    (Note this is because each new pool is a unique smart contract so needs approval and confirmation. BSC fees are roughly $0.10 so this is still a fraction of Eth gas fees)
  • UX needs minor optimisation so that prediction values don’t automatically appear in the staking box
  • Additional UX improvement highlighted, whereby layout around pool views in the account section can be optimised
  • Look to feature additional info around staking pool participation, including pool size and percentage filled
  • We’ll look to provide more specificity around potential rewards based on quantity of TOTM staked
  • Our community have said that more notice around pool departures would provide them with additional time needed to prepare their stake


In response to the feedback given, we have already implemented improvements to the front end interface. We’ll continue to optimise the platform’s UX, to give our community the most seamless experience possible when staking their TOTM and making predictions on our non-punitive platform. For this, an active dialogue between the team and our users is essential, so we’d again like to thank our community for their invaluable feedback so far and ask our community not to hesitate to let us know should potential platform improvements ever be noticed.

We understand that informational documents will also go a long way in helping our users best navigate the platform. Our pre launch FAQ’s contained most relevant information and linked many problems and tooltips, so we would advise all users to read through these thoroughly should they ever have any problems or issues. They can be found here.


Team Totem

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