2022 has started with a bang.

January was all but quiet for TotemFi. The first month of 2022 brought in a lot of exciting news and activity on all fronts — from the platform to BTC turmoils to even going viral! As January has drawn to a close, we want to update our community on what’s been happening at Totem HQ.

So without further ado let’s dive into our quintessential Month in Review!

Key Highlights:

  • Platform & Product
  • Metis Hackathon
  • Marketing & Community

Platform & Product

Owl Pool

January saw our Owl Pool go live — which invited Totem Warriors to forecast what BTC will be at the beginning of February. The pool featured large rewards up for grabs — the total rewards on offer were over $3.5K! It’s no surprise that the pool was so popular, with over 300K TOTM staked, and 299 stakers!

Should the Owl Pool have a come back? Let us know.

New Asset Pool: ETH

As part of our Roadmap Review, we discussed how in the Sky Phase, we will be delivering additional on-chain assets into the TotemFi platform ecosystem…and on January 24 we did exactly that. Our first ever ETH Wolf Pool went live — inviting Warriors to predict the value of ETH on Feb 06, 2022. The pool currently has over 223K TOTM staked…we wonder who will win our first ever ETH pool!

As the year goes on, we will continue to add new on-chain assets every month including ADA, BNB, SOL.

We can’t wait to roll out more new asset pools. We’ll be working very closely with our community to access exactly what the Warriors most want to speculate on. Stay tuned for more details on this.

Metis Hackathon

January saw the close of the Metis Hackathon. It has been a privilege to be a part of their initial hackathon, and the rollout from the testnet moving to Mainnet!.

The Metis Andromeda is set to be the leading L2 scaling solution and we are extremely grateful to be a part of their journey. They have greatly helped TotemFi grow by allowing us to become more efficient, and connect with projects and communities world wide.

TotemFi has benefited significantly from being a part of such a vibrant community. We have been able to connect and work alongside like-minded people — and thus been able to grow and become even better.

Marketing & Community


As part of our launch of our first ever ETH pool, we celebrated by announcing one of our biggest giveaways yet — a total of $1,000 ETH & $1,000 $TOTM! The giveaway accumulated over 800 entrants — with the lucky winner being @hamsaaax. Congratulations Warrior!

Do not worry if you missed out on this, as the months go on we will be announcing more giveaways.


In the space of a month we achieved two massive #lifegoals; we went viral AND reached 22K followers. Even Twitter can’t ignore the disruption which the worlds’ first non punitive prediction markets platform is making.


We reached another #lifegoal and hit 1000 followers on Medium!! Last year we started publishing thought leadership articles, providing Totem Warriors with up-to-date news on everything DeFi, regulation, crypto and more. The past month we saw, Crypto and NFTs could face UK regulation crackdown, Bitcoin heading to a Death Cross and Stablecoins being the oxygen of the crypto ecosystem.

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To The Moon

Thank you all very much for reading our Zircon Mainnet month in review! We’ve said it before, but it’s been such an incredible journey getting to this point, and it’s been our amazing community being with us every step along the way which has made it so worthwhile.

We can’t wait to show you all what we have in the pipeline — BIG plans coming, stay tuned!

Big love,

Totem Team



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