Privi PIX project overview

Ahead of Privi Pix’s IDO on Thursday, 26th August, and the opening of our Mooncaster pre-IDO allocation event soon, we wanted to provide an overview of the project to fully convey to our Totem Warriors the scale of innovation behind their project, and how significant the launch of their $PIX token is!

What is Privi Zoo?

In essence, Privi Zoo is a decentralised app store, made up of social and financial apps, all integrated on one powerful blockchain. Several features and apps, which require no technical or financial skills, allow you to create your own customizable network.

For a full rundown of what dApps Privi plans to introduce to their unique and revolutionary app store, you can read this article they produced on the subject:

Spotlight on Privi Pix; the fundamental use-cases

Privi Pix is essentially a decentralised Instagram, crossed with NFT minting platforms and marketplaces such as Opensea or Rarible; it’s a decentralised application (dApp) which allows users to upload visual content, whether that be photos or videos, and empowers creators to monetise their content by minting it into NFTs which can be bought and sold on an open, equitable, and decentralised marketplace.

Currently, centralised content-hosting social media platforms such as Instagram are earning vast revenues by exploiting creators, leveraging their content to earn astronomical advertising revenues, and paying the originators a negligible sum, if indeed they pay them at all. Privi Pix addresses this problem, as it features no data capturing whatsoever, and rewards both the creators and the communities using the platform.

The platform also allows users to collaborate with other artists to create Pods; digital collections of NFTs which can be fractionalised and auctioned, thereby providing significant value and rewards for content creators and collaborators.

In addition, Privi Pix has found a solution to the inherent problem of inaccessibly high gas fees which plague NFT platforms; these gas fees arise from the fact that marketplaces such as Open Sea are based on the Ethereum network, so Privi Pix is hosted on the Matic (Polygon) network instead. This layer 2 solution allows the platform to retain the deep liquidity of the Ethereum network, whilst reducing gas fees to a fraction of a percent.

In addition, all of Privi Pix’s many use cases and innovative utilities can be accessed via a user-friendly mobile app, which rivals instagram for its ease of access and sleek design.

The Pix Solutions

Imagine if there was a platform that…

  • Create NFTs out of your digital creations
  • Discover all NFTs on Ethereum, concentrated into one platform
  • All transactions occur on Polygon blockchain, retaining Ethereum liquidity yet obviating high gas fees
  • Access the app on your web browser but also in a mobile app
  • Collaborate with other artists to create Pods and digital collections
  • Sell NFTs with auctions and a marketplace
  • Fractionalize NFTs with Pods to get a return on your NFTs
  • Collateralized loans against your NFTs

With Privi Pix, users will get access to all of the above features, and these innovative utilities will be made accessible via a user-friendly mobile app, which rivals instagram for its ease of access and sleek design.

PIX Token & IDO Details

The PIX token will be launching on Thursday, 26th August, and, much like the recent highly successful launch of privi TRAX, will be available on Paid Network’s Ignition Launchpad and Pix will also be made available on Trustpad, and one additional surprise exchange which will be revealed shortly!

The PIX token will have a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens, an initial circulating supply of 1,550,000 tokens, and an initial market cap of $77,500 — a micro cap gem if ever we’ve seen one!

The IDO price of PIX will be $0.05. Through the TotemFi Mooncaster pre-IDO prediction event, members of the Totem community who come closest to predicting what price $PIX will close at 24 hours after it lists will receive an allocation in PIX at their IDO price of $0.05.

We’ll be releasing further info around how to enter our Mooncaster event over the coming days — stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,
Team Totem



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