Team Totem Welcomes its Newest Recruit!

Things are heating up in the TotemFi engine room — with so much activity and movement across all fronts, the team needs to grow and expand to meet our ever expanding needs, and to make sure that we’re delivering our Warriors with the best possible product.

It’s with this in mind that we want to wish our warmest TotemFi welcome to Meera Narendra, who joins us as our latest Marketing Exec!

At TotemFi, we take pride in finding grade A talent and bringing them on board. We’re certain Meera is going to further accelerate our progress, and help spread the word about our innovative predictions platform far and wide.

We’ve always believed that hiring the best and brightest is what sets projects up for success, and with our world class team and innovative tech, we are set to disrupt prediction markets.

With this in mind, we’re incredibly excited to welcome Meera to the TotemTribe!! Upon finishing her Masters in Cybercrime & Criminal Psychology in 2018, Meera became an established marketer and editor, working for a data protection & cybersecurity media company. It was then Meera started gaining an interest in crypto.

Outside of work, Meera is the founder of Oru Mayil — a global creative community for the Diaspora Tamil, and an avid activist, advocating for women’s safety and rights.

Meera epitomises the positive and entrepreneurial spirit we’re seeking to foster within the Totem community.We’ve always believed in rewarding talent and hard work when we see it, so we couldn’t be happier having Meera join us on this incredible journey.

We have no doubt that she will play a pivotal role in taking TotemFi to the next level!

To the moon,

Team Totem



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