TotemFi are delighted to announce our partnership with Charged Particles!

Last week we announced the launch of our NFT community artwork competition, where we invited Totem Warriors to design some of the artwork for a series of NFTs we’ll be minting and giving away as part of our “Maple” Mainnet launch. The top three NFTs will be selected alongside 4 which we’re designing ourselves to create a set of 7 unique Totem NFTs. These will be distributed to the community who enter into our prediction pools, with the rarest NFT being given away in the genesis pool.

As part of this initiative, we’re partnering with innovative and pioneering NFT project Charged Particles, who will be minting the TotemFi NFTs and packing them with various amounts of TOTM tokens! This means users will gain high yield staking, BTC and TOTM rewards for predicting, AND NFTs packed with further TOTM.

TotemFi CEO Jolyon Layard Horsfall commented on the partnership: “We’re incredibly excited to be working with a project as groundbreaking as Charged Particles. Their wholly unique and innovative proposition will add so much value to the launch of our NFT collection, and we can’t wait to see their tech in action. This is very much the start of a long term partnership between our two projects, as TotemFi looks to expand our NFT offering as a means of rewarding our community of users and investors.”

Charged Particles is a protocol that allows users to deposit any fungible token into an NFT. A scarce NFT (e.g. Art, Collectible, Virtual Real Estate, In-Game Item, etc) can now be transformed into a basket holding a number of other tokens. They’re also part of the Kernel Accelerator program which TotemFi has been involved with for the past eight weeks, which is testament both to the quality of the project and to the invaluable industry connections which Kernel’s accerator facilitates.

Charged particles will be adding TOTM tokens into the TotemFi NFTs, to provide extra rewards for our community of users, and to incentivise collection of the artworks. The number of tokens in each NFT is based on they level of scarcity, with a breakdown provided below:

Commenting on the partnership, Charged Particles Founder Ben Lakoff stated: “We couldn’t be happier working with a project as committed to their community as TotemFi; it’s always refreshing to see a team take a genuine consideration of user and investor sentiment, so we’re very proud to be helping facilitate their NFT community reward and incentivisation initiative.”

Beyond this current NFT program, TotemFi and Charged Particles are already in talks about working together on high-utility NFT initiatives further down the line. There will be more updates on this after our Mainnet launch in a few weeks — stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,
Team Totem



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