TotemFi brings on Carl The Moon and Boxmining as strategic advisors

TotemFi is excited to announce the appointment of Carl Martin (Carl The Moon) and Michael Gu of Boxmining as our newest Strategic Advisors! TotemFi will be collaborating with both of them to create content and exchange information on the crypto industry and digital assets.

Carl is an established cryptocurrency expert, and one of the industry’s leading proponents. As well as being a successful crypto analyst and trader, Carl dedicates a considerable amount of time to educating and encouraging newcomers to adopt the crypto revolution

Michael is one of the leading experts in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. His Boxmining website and YouTube channel provide the latest insights and resources on digital assets, decentralized finance and blockchain tech, as well as educational resources which cater to users at any stage of their crypto journey.

Their strategic advice, guidance, and extensive industry networks will prove invaluable to our project as we head into IDO, launch, and beyond.

We can’t wait to get their feedback on our DeFi predictions market platform!

About Boxmining

The Boxmining brand was founded by Michael Gu and started on YouTube as a passion project, and has now grown to be a leading source of information in the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Michael’s vision was to bring unbiased and accurate information to the community in an age where factual, informative, and impartial information is harder to come by than ever. Michael also seeks to close the knowledge gap between China and the West, bringing you the full global image of the crypto space.

Boxmining YouTube posts videos covering topics on the latest cryptocurrency trends, interesting projects, collaborations with other crypto leaders, and educational guides. It goes live every Monday and Friday at 3:00 am (UTC), with other content during the week as well. is a complement to the Boxmining YouTube channel. It gives Michael the platform to cover wider topics with more detail. It is suitable for crypto enthusiasts to consume more in-depth insights and reviews on cryptocurrency, trends, products etc.

About Carl The Moon

Carl’s channels focus on Bitcoin and altcoin news and their prices, as well as covering news in blockchain technology, hosting interviews with top projects and Leaders in the space, and general discussions and trending topics related to cryptocurrency.

Carl regards it as his purpose in life not only to be a student in the mastery of cryptocurrency but also to share the ideas, thought processes, and strategies that have led to his success with those that desire a similar lifestyle to his own. His goal is to make the crypto world a bit less confusing for everyone as they try to navigate the space.

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Stay tuned, stay innovative, and trust DeFi!

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Please do get in touch with any ideas or feedback as we will always be looking to work with the community to better the project.

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Thanks for reading,
Team Totem



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