TotemFi Development Update

As we accelerate down the #Road2Mainnet, we want to take this time to inform our community about the progress which is being made on the development front!

Exec Summary:

  • Acquisition and distribution of BTC rewards get further testing
  • Enhanced & collaborative rewards functionality has development
  • Accuracy in staking calculations has been increased
  • Alterations and improvements made to the platform’s UI

As you’ll know, our Beta Testing has been progressing well, and thanks to our Totem Warriors we’ve successfully ironed out a number of bugs in the TotemFi platform. Our team of developers have been working hard to put the finishing touches to the platform before our launch. In the past week, they’ve been testing the function to purchase the acquisition and distribution of BTC to users — an integral part of the protocol and key to helping our warriors stack those sats.

In other smart contract developments, our team has now managed to provide enablers for the enhanced rewards functionality, which adds another layer of reward and incentives for platform users. We’ve also coded in the collaborative reward settings, with the ability for these to be changed according to user-governed consensus. These are features which are due to go live shortly after the MVP launch, as we focus on delivering an ever expanding prediction platform.

In other smart contract developments, we’ve increased the accuracy in our staking calculations; Bernoulli third sentence functionality has been added in to facilitate this. And finally, on the smart contract front, our new Mainnet contracts have been verified and tested, which is very exciting!

In terms of the prediction market dApp, we’ve made alterations to the UI, making the platform even easier to use. These include: changes to the headers and updates to the “claim” status; added localization to USD values; updated account balances after claim; amended claim button status in the “Pool & Reward” table; better error message for “wrong chainID” and “wallet”; Tradingview chart added to dashboard. The front end is improving with each iteration and we are excited to share it with you very shortly.

We’ve got a lot of very exciting news and updates for the TotemFi community ahead of launch, including our Oracle data provider partnership announcement, and also revealing which chain the platform will be hosted on amongst our community competitions.

Do stay tuned for further updates — the road to Maple Mainnet is one step closer!

Thanks for reading,

Team Totem