TotemFi Development Update

This week saw us reach the end of our #Road2Mainnet, and arrive at the final destination — the launch of our Open Beta prediction markets platform! This represents a great accomplishment for the TotemFi project, as we’ve now delivered on our promise to provide non-punitive, staking based prediction markets to the crypto community.

We like to start this update by thanking our amazingly talented tech team for their commendable efforts in getting us to this major milestone in our project — they’ve been working round the clock to deliver the TotemFi platform, and there’s no doubt that it’s thanks to all their hard work and determination that we’re now able to Stake, Predict and Grow our BTC and TOTM stacks!

This article lays out all the great work they carried out in the week leading up to the launch of our platform — let’s get into it!

Exec Summary:

  • Predictor panel updated to show real time TOTM price to users
  • Minor issues in the panel were fixed, including:
  • Maximum and minimum amount validation for staking
  • Calculated reward amounts added for TOTM and BTC
  • Time counter optimised for “maturity” and “time left” columns
  • Off Chain BSC mainnet contracts updated
  • TOTM token manager was developed, tested and deployed
  • Functionality added in which allows for transferring ownership of TOTM tokens from manager to other accounts
  • BSC contract upgraded on the TOTM subgraph

The headline news of this update, and indeed of all updates this week, is that we launched our Open Beta platform! It took a lot of hard work, late nights and hustle from our developers to achieve this great outcome, so we’re using this article to shine a light on all their great work which took place in the build up to launch.

Starting with platform features, in the week leading up to launch our tech team updated the predictor panel on the platform, to show real time TOTM price to users — this is essential in allowing users to visualise the value generated from accurate predictions. Minor issues with this panel were identified and fixed, including the Maximum and minimum amount validation for staking, the calculated reward amounts added for TOTM and BTC, and the time counter for “maturity” and “time left” columns. All of this should amount to a far great user experience.

In terms of off chain developments, in the days preceding Open Beta launch our tech team updated the smart contracts for our BSC Mainnet, as well as upgrading the BSC contract on the TOTM subgraph. This ensured the smooth running of our platform, and that our Mainnet is optimised for operational efficiency and robustness.

Our team also developed, tested and deployed the TOTM token management system in the days leading up to launch, as well as initiating a number of improvements and upgrades to it such as adding in the functionality of transferring ownership of TOTM tokens from the manager system to other accounts.

It was these developments which, ultimately, got our platform over the line and ensured its successful Open Beta launch on Mainnet. Of course, however, these updates were only the latest in a long time of stringent and diligent dev work which built the world’s first non-punitive prediction markets platform from scratch.

As well as thanking our dev team, we’d also like to wholeheartedly thank our amazing community who have been with us since the start of this journey; we’d like to assure you all that, even though our Open Beta is up and running, the story of TotemFi’s development is far from finished. Over the coming months — and even years — we plan to continuously and consistently add additional features and functionalities to the TotemFi platform, to make it the leading prediction market in the whole DeFi space. We can’t wait to have you all with us on our long and industrious journey to realise this goal!

Thanks for reading, and lots of love,

The whole Totem Team



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