TotemFi Founders take up position as founding advisors in Spark, leveraging their knowledge of prediction markets to innovate the NFT space

The TotemFi Co Founders Jolyon and Harry have always had a passion for innovative DeFi protocols and blockchain tech in general; they are firm believers that being able to skillfully forecast future events has tremendous potential to disrupt and innovate fields ranging from finance to politics.

It was this belief which led them to develop TotemFi; the industry’s first non-punitive, staking-based prediction markets platform offering real-value creation with BTC and native token rewards. Alongside being committed to TotemFi and the mission, vision and values of the project, openings to partner and apply the principles of prediction markets, and further the agenda of disruption in line with the ethos of blockchain tech, are always welcomed.

As such, when the opportunity arose to collaborate on Spark — an on-chain marketplace built on AVAX setting out to solve the issues of whitelisting and randomised minting in NFT drops — presented itself, and the Spark team asked the Horsfalls to bring their knowledge and proven track record in the prediction space to the project, the pair were more than happy to oblige!

Jolyon and Harry will still be working on TotemFi as Co Founders, supported by the amazing roster of talent the project has been bringing on-board, however will be using their additional time to contribute to the success of Spark. Jolyon will contribute to Spark as Co-CEO, and Harry will be taking up a position as Strategy Lead.

With Spark, they will work alongside Co-CEO Joshua Verheul; after completing an Honours Degree in Financial Analysis & Portfolio Management at the University of Cape Town, Josh ventured into international wealth management and consulting. After which, he worked as the Financial Manager in a progressive FinTech and Crypto start-up business helping the company grow from a handful of employees to over 250 at its peak. He helped build the start-up to over $5 million a month in revenue, in addition to being one of the driving forces behind a bespoke cryptocurrency exchange. His focus is now on DeFi, and he is passionately committed to launching the Spark platform for the crypto community.

Commenting on the announcement, TotemFi Co Founder Jolyon Layard Horsfall stated: “I’m incredibly excited to be a part of the Spark project; TotemFi has moved from strength to strength the past few months, including delivering on the expansion of on chain assets with the recent launch of our Eth prediction pool, so I’d like to take all the experience and market insight I’ve built up from working on TotemFi and use that for the benefit of the ecosystem as a whole. I believe Spark has a unique value proposition in what they’re seeking to achieve, helping them along their path to success is incredibly exciting — there are a lot of synergies between Totem and Spark, so I envisage the projects will be collaborating closely in the future!”



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