TotemFi is delighted to announce the winners of our community competition!

We’ve been blown away by the creativity and enthusiasm shown by our community for this competition! We received so many great submissions — ranging from stickers to animations and even to physical art — that it was very hard to choose the best ones.

Following a shortlist of 10 entries, we then put it to our community to vote on their favourite submissions, by liking & resharing on Twitter. We can now announce that polling has closed, and the winning entries are as follows:

  1. Sticker Set of our CEO

With an impressive 115 likes and 48 RTs, the sticker set came in at number 1!
Link to original submission:

2. Series of animations

With 106 likes and 48 RTs, the series of animations came in a close second!
Link to original submission:

3. Physical art — Totem Graffiti

In third place, and a big hit with the TotemFi team, was the physical graffiti drawn by one of our community members in Finland!
Link to original submission:

Congratulations to all of our winners! Your prize of 200 TOTM tokens will be distributed to each of you after our launch tomorrow, April 6th!

Thank you so much to all who participated — we definitely have the most creative community in all of crypto!

For those who didn’t win, or who submitted late, don’t worry! We’ll be having another, BIGGER competition shortly after our launch tomorrow!

Big love,
Team Totem



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