TotemFi NFT Mania — Airdrop Time!

Key highlights:

  • Altered price structure of NFTs
  • Exclusive TotemFi Series One NFT hodler’s group
  • TOTM airdrop for NFT holders — 9th October
  • Last remaining Triptychs released!

The next steps you need to know!

TotemFi is a community driven project. We listen to any and all suggestions coming in from our community, and where we can, we act on them!

You told us how much you love the designs of our Series One NFT’s, that many of you would love to own one! We have decided to shuffle the pricing structure of our NFT’s based on their rarity and airdrop ownership, allowing more Warriors to get their hands on the exclusive, rare and exquisite TotemFi Series One NFT’s.

Accessibility is a core premise of TotemFi; indeed, it was the reason behind our innovative staking-based prediction platform not penalising for incorrect predictions.

Instead of the flat rate of 0.3 ETH per NFT, we now have prices ranging from 0.1 – 0.3 ETH, bringing our beautifully crafted NFTs within reach of a much wider audience! As exciting as that is, that’s not the end of the news…

Full details of the NFT’s; including price, airdrop information, rarity and more!

Did someone say ‘exclusive NFT hodler chat’?

That’s right. We are creating a Telegram group exclusively for our Series One NFT hodlers. There are planned additional use cases in the form of governance in the ecosystem, entry into exclusive groups, and who knows maybe even further airdrops…! The Hodler chat provides quick access to the Totem team, you can ask those burning questions, see some incredible memes, and have a good laugh with some incredible people! Anyone who is in our Totem Oracles group knows how strong our community is, with plenty of key information and enjoyment occurring in these chats.

If you own one of the Series One NFT’s, you can join the exclusive group through this link:

In case you didn’t already know, the Totem Oracles is a Telegram group for those hodling over 500 TOTM, and it’s a great place to be! See our ‘Join the Oracles’ article for more details:

You can also join the Elite group if you have 5,000 TOTM.

To purchase TOTM, see our guide to buying TOTM on PancakeSwap here:

You can join the Totem Warriors — Oracles’ Den Elite group here:

Airdropped TOTM tokens? Yes please!

Don’t forget about our gamified airdrop! On the 9th October 2021, the wallet holding each NFT will be airdropped TOTM tokens. The amount you will receive goes all the way up to 2,000 TOTM!!

When you purchase one of our meticulously designed NFT’s, you can see the ‘unlockable content’ on OpenSea. In this hidden realm you will discover how many wonderful TOTM tokens you will be airdropped!

Gimme That Triptych!

The Triptych set, made up of the Starforged Triptych (rarity 1/1), the Ascendant Triptych (rarity 1/3), and the Abyssal Triptych (rarity 1/3), are almost sold out. We have one of each remaining, and will be releasing those for sale in the coming weeks.

Our final remaining Abyssal Triptych will be listed on the 22nd September!

The one of a kind, mind-blowingly beautiful Starforged Triptych will be auctioned on OpenSea, starting on the 1st October, and ending on the 8th (1 days before the airdrop — and this one has A LOT of TOTM attached!).

- — -

Thanks very much for reading — we hope you’re as excited for our upcoming NFT activities as we are!

To the moon,

Team Totem



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