TotemFi Series One NFT’s Listed!

Our design team has been busy crafting our bespoke TotemFi ‘Series One’ NFT’s, and today is the day they are released to the world, with the first drop listed!

Too see the full collection, check out the OpenSea listing here:

They have varying levels of rarity, TotemFi “Triptych” is the rarest of the NFTs we’ve created, and features the three core TotemFi spirit animals — Owl, Wolf, Fox, — in a sylvan wilderness scene. As the scene progresses, the TotemFi triumvirate of animals are charged with an electric blue current — a supernatural phenomenon which occurs when the three effigies are brought together in the wild. If you become the lucky owner of the one of a kind Starforged Triptych, you will possess the only version in existence.

The Story Behind

Our unique and captivating NFT videos draw their inspiration from the pastoral motif which permeates our project, and showcase the spirit animals which give the TotemFi movement it’s strength.

“In leafy clearings, never undappled, they communed with the eldritch spirits of the woods. Together they forged the sacred Totem talismans and imbued them with great maelstroms of coruscating energy.

There are some who say that, though the Elders have long since left our physical plane, the talismans remained.

If you choose to brave those ancient forest trails, take heed: the faint golden shimmer; the crackle of petrified lightning, the promise of unspent power — these things tantalise and tempt the weary traveller.

But do not stray too deep, and remember: if the fables are true, it is not the seeker who finds the amulet, but the amulet that finds the seeker.”

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of our exclusive NFTs, they will be on the Ethereum network, in MP4 format, viewable in your MetaMask mobile application or through platforms such as OpenSea or Rarible.

The TOTM Airdrop

Each will be issued with TOTM tokens, the amount varies depending on the rarity, with the rarest issued with 2,000. The attached TOTM will be airdropped to the person holding the NFT exactly one month after listing, on the 9th of October. The NFT can be transferred any amount of times, and the person holding it in their wallet on the 9th October will be airdropped the relevant amount of TOTM. For the amount issued with each NFT, the materials that make up the NFT’s, and their rarity, see the table below:

How could you not want to get your hands on some of the finest digital artworks the cryptosphere has seen. Well, we have some good news for you. Today is the day we list the NFT’s on OpenSea!

Too see the full collection, check out the OpenSea listing here:

Win Our Series One NFT’s

There will be opportunities for Warriors to earn some of the NFT’s. For example, through our Warrior of the Month campaign, the first of which was recently completed. The entries we’re incredible, so we decided to reward 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

1st place received one of our Ascendant Fox NFT’s and TOTM issued with it, and 2nd and 3rd received 600 and 250 TOTM respectively. See below for their awesome community acts.

1st —

2nd —

3rd —

Big love,

Team Totem

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