TotemFi TGE Roadmap Revealed

We’re very excited to release the next step in our roadmap launch! We’ve finalised the build on our side, and now we’re just in the process of running all the necessary security checks and waiting for our auditors to work their magic.

Things at TotemFi HQ have been moving at a very high pace, and we have some major partnerships and exciting announcements to follow over the next few days. The team continues to grow, with four new devs joining us last week!


We are entering into the final phases before a full launch. Below are the next big milestones on the road to take-off:

  • 26th March: Audit Commences
  • 31st March: Whitelist open
  • 4th April: Whitelist Closes
  • 6th April: DuckSTARTER IDO
  • ~2 hours later: Full launch on Uniswap

TOTM token public sale metrics

Total supply: 10 million TOTM

Public sale: 450,000 TOTM (4.5%)

Price per TOTM: $0.225

Total value: $101,250

We’re very excited to have you all with us on this journey, and we look forward to welcoming many new members to the TotemFi community as we approach launch!

— —

We hope you found this useful!

Please do get in touch with any ideas or feedback, as we will always be looking to work with the community to better the project.

Join us on Twitter and Telegram to stay tuned. Sign up for early access at

Thanks for reading,

Team Totem.



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