TotemFi’s Dev Update

It’s been another busy week for the TotemFi dev team! Following our product launch, they’re not showing any signs of slowing down activity, and remain committed to improving and expanding our non punitive, staking based, prediction markets platform. This article highlights the great work they’ve been doing — let’s get into it!

Exec summary:

  • TotemFi dApp: Improvements made to the modals on the prediction flow, support added for float numbers, and wallet connect modal added to panel
  • Backend: Pools have been separated by time provided, with backend requirements for this now ready to go, Production configurations and logic have also been enhanced
  • Smart contracts: Collaborative rewards is now an option for all staking pools, and can have a dynamic range and percent
  • Frontend: Collaborative rewards now available to be initiated for all pools. Pools menu has been added to panels, and pool time can be presented by day.

Starting with the TotemFi dApp itself, our dev team have made a number of improvements to the prediction flow, and have optimised the platform’s modals to accommodate this. Support has also been added for float numbers, and an “add wallet” connection modal has been incorporated into the panel display. Additionally, there have been some minor changes in the pool page, the staking list and the reward claiming. All of this should serve to make the platform a lot more accessible and pleasant to use, and should optimise our users’ experience and journey!

In regards to the TotemFi backend, our staking pools have now been separated by time variables, with a period of testing and optimisation having taken place to ensure the smooth operation of this. This means that we’ll soon be able to action our community feedback and offer staking pools of varying length! In addition, we’ve also made enhancements to product configurations and logic.

In some very exciting project news this week, our collaborative rewards are now up and running! In order to facilitate this, our dev team worked hard to build this into the Totem platform contracts, and also the frontend — a big success for the team and the project, and a very beneficial development for our community and platform users!

In other frontend updates, a pools menu has been added on to the platform panels, and pool times can now be represented by date and shown on the pools page. Abilities to expand and scroll the panel menu have also been added. All in all, the platform’s operability should see some improvements from these updates — we’ll constantly be striving to make things as pleasant for our users as possible!

On that note, changes and improvements have been made to various UI components, in order to improve the overall performance and user journey. Change buttons and tooltip styles have been enhanced, in order to improve the timer system and prove a better platform experience all round!

As you can see, the Totem Tech Team has been firing on all cylinders since our platform launch, and show no signs of slowing down any time soon. They remain firmly committed to building out and developing the TotemFi platform, to encompass an ever-greater range of features and functionalities for the crypto community. We’ll be providing regular updates of their work and achievements along the way, so make sure to tune in to our official channels regularly to keep up to date with their progress!

Thanks for reading,

Team Totem




Stake. Predict. Grow. // Staking-based prediction markets for the crypto community.

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Stake. Predict. Grow. // Staking-based prediction markets for the crypto community.

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