TotemFi’s Genesis Pool Winners Revealed!

After a highly successful Mainnet launch for our non-punitive, staking based prediction markets platform, we’re very excited to announce that our Genesis Pool has closed, and our strongest warriors have been revealed!

We’d like to thank all of our Totem Warriors who took part in the first ever TotemFi prediction pool, which saw an incredible $425,000 TVL within the first 24 hours of launch — testament to both the popularity of prediction markets, and to the scale of TotemFi’s innovative within the space. After some close competition from many of our community’s strongest forecasters, we can now reveal the warriors who came closest to predicting the price of bitcoin, and who grew their TOTM and BTC stacks the most. Their wallets end in the following:

  1. 0x…a948
  2. 0x…97bD
  3. 0x…7965

Our next pool will depart tomorrow, Wednesday 1st September, at 2pm UTC — make sure to take part for a chance to Stake, Predict, and Grow with the Totem Warriors! You can get involved through our dApp:

At this point we feel it’s worth addressing a minor front end technical glitch we experienced earlier today; our external server provider had an integration issue, meaning the TotemFi subgraph was temporarily down. This was a minor tech issue which led to some issues in functionality, specifically in claiming tokens and viewing the active staking pool. Our tech team worked to resolve this, and managed to fix the problem in just 1hr 20mins. The new pool went live as planned as soon as this was resolved, and all tokens and smart contracts were completely safe — we apologies for the slight inconvenience but are pleased it was just a ‘cosmetic hitch’.

Returning to the successful news of our Genesis Pool launch, in addition to the winners one lucky warrior who took part in our seminal prediction market will be selected at random to win one of our exclusive TotemFi Series 1 NFTs! The selection will occur 24 hours before our much-anticipated NFT drop, which will be taking place next Tuesday, 7th September. Watch this space!

Thank you all very much for reading — there’s a lot of movement and activity over at Totem HQ, and a lot of exciting initiatives in the pipeline. A truly great time to be one of the warriors — Let’s Go!

Big Love,

Team Totem



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