TotemFi’s month in-review

Dear Totem Warriors,

Things have been moving at a very fast pace since the launch of our TOTM token, and the Totem team have been working hard to roll out additional ffeatures and initiatives which will greatly benefit our community and our investors who have shown us such tremendous support from the outset of our project.

Quick recap on milestones since TGE 3.5 weeks ago (although feels like a lifetime ago!):

  • Before launch, we entered into a strategic partnership with LaunchPool’s innovative new Pop-up-Pools (“PuPs”) concept, and shortly after our public sale took place PuP token holders received their first tranche of payments with strong LPOOL community feedback.
  • We also recently entered into a strategic partnership with Bridge Mutual, the industry-leading decentralized p2p/p2b discretionary risk coverage platform. Our friends at Bridge Mutual will help us safeguard the values within TotemFi’s ecosystem by integrating their preeminent risk coverage application into the TotemFi platform.
  • $TOTM migrated onto the Binance Smart Chain. The move to BSC greatly expands the functionality, interoperability, and accessibility of our token, as well as drastically reducing the gas fees required to transfer and trade $TOTM. The migration opens up a large number of exciting opportunities for expansion and consolidation within the DeFi space and we’re wasting no time in capitalising on the benefits, having already listed on PancakeSwap and initiated some very encouraging and productive conversations with major players in the BSC network.

Forward looking:

The work has really only just begun though, and we’ve got some very big plans in store for our token and our project in general. With the next couple of weeks we plan to:

  • Introduce liquidity staking for TOTM in partnership with Plasma Finance which will add yet another use-case for the token and reward our community of TOTM holders.
  • Development of our dApp is also progressing well, and it’s now looking very likely that we’ll be able to launch our MVP ahead of schedule which is great for the community. Beta testing should be coming soon.
  • We are on the hunt for another lead engineer so if you’re interested please check out think link:
  • Finally, we want to end by giving a rundown of arguably our most exciting initiative to date; the launch of our pre-IDO prediction series “Mooncaster”. Mooncaster gives members of our community who hold over 500 TOTM tokens the chance to win pre-IDO allocations in some of the hottest upcoming crypto projects by predicting what ATH price the project’s token will achieve within 24 hours after launch. For our first event we’ve partnered with one of the most exciting NFT projects in the space right now — Legends of Crypto — and we’ll be giving away $3,000 in private sale allocations to our Totem Warriors!
  • The next project is a highly anticipated project launching on POLS. We’ve secured a private sale allocation of $5k for our community and will be announcing it on Wednesday 5 May.

Upcoming partnerships we’re in conversations with to provide deal flow and support the value-add proposition of the Mooncaster events:

We’re in conversations with many of the most eagerly anticipated projects in crypto at the moment about partnering up for future events, and we’re looking to turn Mooncaster into the foremost pre-IDO allocation giveaway series in the industry.

Community roles:

We’re working to bring further roles for the community to get involved with TOTM, ranging from content creators, AMA hosts and more. We’ll be announcing the exact details in the coming week, but we can’t wait to build even stronger relationships with the Warriors!


We want to work with each and every one of you to create the best chance of success for the project. As such, we’ve been in conversations to discuss how adjustments in the vesting schedule for the project can best facilitate this. Having consulted our partners, advisors and investors the majority have have decided on the following suggestion:

  • Add a one month cliff for 6 May, allowing the project a month more breathing room to get closer to releasing MVP before vesting restarts on 6 June. This will give the project a better chance to release its MVP whilst maintaining its price level


As we move ever closer to the launch of our MVP and our many other exciting developments and initiatives, we’re looking to enter a period of rapid growth, expansion, and user acquisition. As such, we’re shortly suspending the 3% recall function on the sale and transfer of tokens for a month, in order to facilitate and expedite the successful conditions for achieving this.

Thank you all for your time in reading this letter, and for being with us on this journey. We’re working incredibly hard everyday to deliver for you and the community — it’s only just getting started and believe there’s a lot more to come very shortly.

With our very best,

Jolyon, Harry, and the whole Totem team




Stake. Predict. Grow. // Staking-based prediction markets for the crypto community.

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Stake. Predict. Grow. // Staking-based prediction markets for the crypto community.

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