TotemFi’s Month in Review!

What a month for TotemFi! In one of the most exciting times since the launch of the project itself, September saw a huge amount of activity on all fronts from platform, product, to marketing, so we want to provide our community with an update of what’s been occurring at Totem HQ. You know what that means — it’s time for another quintessential TotemFi Week in Review!

Exec summary:

  • Platform & product: last month saw the long-awaited launch of our industry-first collaborative rewards, along with a number of staking pools launched, the initiative of varying pool lengths, and the release of our pool launch schedule for October!
  • NFTs: In September we launched the beautifully crafted Series 1 NFTs on OpenSea, as well as announcing the details of the highly sought-after TOTM token airdrop to reward our Series 1 HODLers!
  • Mooncaster: September saw the initiation of one of our most eagerly anticipated Mooncaster pre-IDO allocation prediction events to date; the grounding NFT project Vera! Uptake was incredibly strong, and Vera had a hugely successful IDO, which members of our community will be able to benefit from through the presale allocations we secured
  • Marketing & partnerships: September was a month of rapid community growth and expansion for TotemFi, facilitated by a number of successful marketing activities and partnerships, notably with our friends at Hypersign who ran a phenomenal bounty campaign for us on their HyperFyre platform!
  • Team: Last, but definitely not least, September was a very exciting month for the Totem team itself, which welcomed two new members — Nik and Rynard — to Totem HQ!

Platform & product

The headline news for the TotemFi platform was that last month we were delighted to announce the launch of our long-awaited collaborative rewards — the first initiative of its kind in the cryptosphere!

When our Co Founders set out on their journey to launch the world’s first non-punitive, staking-based prediction markets platform, they did so with the vision of rewarding the crypto community for their collective ability to predict the future outcomes of events; a skill which would have wide-ranging, positive societal ramifications.

Read more about our collaborative rewards here:

In another big step along the TotemFi roadmap, and as set out in our initial whitepaper, in September we established a variety of new staking pool lengths. This is to give our community of Totem Warriors the opportunity to predict the price of BTC at various maturities — users can now put their prediction skills to the test at varying timeframes to best suit their needs!

Our inaugural “Fox’’ prediction pool will now be replaced by three pools, each with new timeframes and maturities. These are as follows:

  • Fox pool; 1 day entry period, 3 day lock, Maximum length 4 days
  • Wolf pool; 4 day entry period, 10 day lock, Maximum length 14 days
  • Owl pool; 6 day entry period, 30 day lock, Maximum length 36 days

You can read more about our new pool lengths, and see our full October deployment schedule, in this article:


The eagerly anticipated TotemFi Series 1 NFT drop took place early in September, and momentum has still been going strong; community interest in our unique, rare, and beautifully crafted TotemFi NFTs shows no sign of waning.

It’s not just our community who are interested in our foray into digital art though; the Series 1 NFT drop was picked up by Crypto Daily, who also spoke with our Co Founders about the significance of the event, the meaning behind the TotemFi NFTs, and what else we’ve got planned in the NFT realm!

Read the full article here:

We also recently provided an in-depth rundown of our TOTM token airdrop, which all Series 1 NFT HODLers will be able to receive!

As well as all details of the airdrop, we also factored in community feedback we received, and shuffled the pricing structure of our NFT’s based on their rarity and airdrop ownership, allowing more Warriors to get their hands on the exclusive, rare and exquisite TotemFi Series One NFT’s.

For all info on our new pricing models and airdrop details, you can check out this article we put together:


Last week saw the initiation and conclusion of our Vera Mooncaster pre-IDO allocation prediction event. We offered a total of $3000 in their $VERA token, issued at their private sale price of $0.03, to Totem Warriors who come closest to forecasting what price $VERA will close at 24 hours after it lists on UniSwap following it’s IDO on Polkastarter on 21st September.

The event was a big success, with $VERA achieving significant positive price action on launch. To read more about our Mooncaster event, and the Vera project and token, please see this deep dive article we recently produced:

We’ve got a lot of exciting upcoming news and announcements around our Mooncaster event series, which we’re dying to reveal to our community — please stayed tuned, you definitely don’t want to miss what we’ve got planned!

Marketing & partnerships

There were a number of marketing highlights for the TotemFi project this past month, with the headline news being our HyperFyre bounty, which our friends over at Hypersign ran through their new, privacy-centric platform! We were blown away by the uptake and enthusiasm which has been shown towards the campaign, and we’d like to wish a warm welcome to all new members of the Totem Warriors!

Despite the initially bounty being set at $5,000, we actually ended up giving away over $7,000 for the campaign — our commitment to the Totem Warriors really knows no bounds!

In addition, last month our Co Founders Jol and Harry had a great AMA with our new partners over at Metis DAO! They discussed how we’ll be looking to benefit from the innovative features which their Layer 2 Solution has to offer, how this looks set to expand the operability of the TotemFi prediction platform, and what the future has in store for the two projects!

Find out more here:


At TotemFi, we pride ourselves on finding grade A talent and bringing them onboard our project to further our progress and contribute to the innovative tech we’re using to disrupt the prediction market ecosystem. We’ve always believed that hiring the best and brightest is what sets projects up for success more than any other factor.

In light of this, in September we were incredibly excited to welcome two new members to the Totem warrior Tribe; Nik and Rynard! Both of them are natural born bulls, and are both subject matter experts in their respective fields. Nik is a highly talented UX designer and visualisation consultant with 15+ years of experience working for international car manufacturers and SAAS companies. Rynard joins us as a marketing executive, and alongside his role at Totem he’s Currently studying LLB at University of Pretoria.

Initially a member of the Totem Warriors community, Rynard showed such passion and enthusiasm for the project that we had to bring him onboard as a fully fledged member of the team! He epitomises the positive spirit we’re seeking to foster within the Totem community, and we’ve always believed in rewarding talent and hard work wherever we see it, so it’s a great pleasure having him work alongside our team in an official capacity.

To The Moon

Thank you all very much for reading our Mainnet month in review! We’ve said it before, but it’s been such an incredible journey getting to this point, and it’s been our amazing community being with us every step along the way which has made it so worthwhile.

We can’t wait to show you all what we have in the pipeline — BIG plans coming, stay tuned!

Big love,

Jol, Haz, and the whole Totem Team




Stake. Predict. Grow. // Staking-based prediction markets for the crypto community.

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Stake. Predict. Grow. // Staking-based prediction markets for the crypto community.

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