TotemFi’s Mooncaster event series enters strategic partnership with Poolz

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve entered into a strategic partnership with Poolz for our pre-IDO allocation event series Mooncaster!

Poolz is a leading decentralized cross-chain IDO platform, built on top of Web 3.0 network, with an incredible track record of fair and equitable token launches. Their new Poolz IDO model builds on the success of their existing system and brings further benefits to their community by resolving many of the issues inherent to launchpads.

Our pre-IDO allocation event series ‘Mooncaster’ is an initiative to provide our community with a route into otherwise inaccessible pre-IDO token allocations, and should prove to be a big step in the right direction of making crypto token launches more engaging and equitable for everyone.

Entering into this partnership will allow us to amplify the exposure, uptake and accessibility of Poolz’s exciting pipeline of highly anticipated upcoming IDO projects, and will extend the opportunity of entering into their pre-launch token sales to a wider network of investors.

To gain an opportunity to enter into the pre-IDO token sale rounds of these projects, members of the TotemFi community who hold over 500 $TOTM tokens, and who are part of our exclusive Totem Oracles’ Den Telegram group (, will be invited to estimate what ATH price the token in question will achieve on launch. The guesses who come closest will win the opportunity to receive an allocation in one of the project’s pre-IDO token sale rounds.

This partnership represents a coming together of two ventures who are committed to disrupting the IDO and token launch landscape, with a view to make it more accessible, equitable and enjoyable for everyone. We’re very proud to be working with a project like Poolz who are as aligned with our vision as possible, and who will help facilitate the growth and expansion of our Mooncaster series.

We’re engaged in very encouraging and productive conversations around supporting and adding value to upcoming Poolz IDO’s to feature through our Mooncaster prediction series, and we’ll be able to share this information very soon — watch this space!

Thanks for reading,
Team Totem

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