TotemFi’s Roadmap to “Maple” Mainnet

Executive Summary:

  • Beta Testing commenced 21 June, marking the initiation of our #Road2Mainnet
  • Next Steps: NFT Partnership announcement & Mainnet Blockchain revealed
  • Informative & educational materials released
  • Beta Testing concluded, and findings implemented
  • TotemFi’s Mainnet launch!

We’re absolutely delighted to reveal our roadmap and timeline to Mainnet launch!

Looking back on our TGE less than three months ago, and at all the work which it took to get us to this point, we’re excited to share with our community what we’ve been Buidling — our staking based prediction markets platform. Whilst we see some consolidation in the market it will be a great time to stake. Predict. Grow your TOTM and BTC stacks.

Despite the recent market dip, BTC ranging between 30–34k provides a great opportunity for Totem Warriors to predict where its price is going to close on maturity of our staking pools; set a range, make your prediction, and you might find yourself benefitting from our individual and collaborative rewards! Not to mention the high APYs on offer from our staking pools (more info around this coming soon — stay tuned).

Where it Started

Our roadmap to launch can be considered as having started around two weeks ago, when we announced the start of our Beta Testing program for the TotemFi platform. As soon as our first community members stepped into our staging platform, we knew the starter pistol had been fired on our road to launch, and we had set in motion events which would inevitably lead to the launch of a platform which will provide a fairer, more equitable, and more collaborative route to prediction market access.

As per our initial roadmap released several months ago, our platform is set to launch right in the middle of Q3 — in August, to be specific — following a period of robust and stringent testing and reengineering, to ensure that when it’s live our users have the most seamless experience possible when interacting with it and making their predictions.

Where it’s Going

Ahead of the launch, however, there are a number of incredibly exciting and rewarding steps along the road which must be passed first. We’ll shortly be announcing an NFT partnership, for example, which will give our community of early adopters the chance to win limited edition, highly collectible TotemFi NFTs of varying rarity. This is just a small token of our appreciation and gratitude towards the Totem Warriors who have been with us every step of the way along our journey.

In addition, we’ll also be making several major announcements, such as our Oracle data source integration, and the blockchain network we’ll be using to mitigate gas fees and make our platform even more accessible and operable for our users as possible. The road to Mainnet will also be littered with a number of other announcements and activities to reward our community, and enhance awareness of the TotemFi platform. We’ll also be releasing educational materials and information, to ensure users are making the most well informed decisions possible when using our platform and products.

The next few weeks will be incredibly busy, packed full of engaging initiatives to mark the tremendous achievement of accomplishing our vision and launching a non punitive, staking based prediction markets platform for the crypto community, which rewards the ability to accurately forecast future asset prices and events.

For the Crypto Community

Again, we want to finish by thanking our community for making this such a fulfilling and enjoyable journey for us, and we encourage everyone to keep a close eye on our social channels — you don’t want to miss what we’ve got coming up!

P.S: if you’re wondering why we’ve named our Mainnet “Maple”, don’t worry — we’ll be publishing an article specifically about this very soon!


Big love,
Team Totem



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