TotemFi’s Warrior of the Month, brought to you by our DAO alliance partner!

We’re delighted to announce our new DAO alliance with, a leading DAO protocol building the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) Suite; a toolkit of dApps for the decentralized future. We’ll be using’s innovative quadratic voting platform to run our Warrior of the Month competition!

Our previous Warrior of the Month competitions saw our community of Totem Warriors create any and all assets, materials or content which will be beneficial and enjoyable to the wider community. In the past, we’ve been blown away by the entries which we’ve received for these initiatives, so we can’t wait to see what the Warriors come up with this time!

Through our DAO alliance with, we’re applying the most fundamental principles of DeFi to this Warrior of the Month event; namely, decentralised decision making, facilitated through the community consensus which’s governance infrastructure will allow us to achieve.

We’ll be leveraging their innovative quadratic voting platform, through which community members will be able vote on which creative community entries are worthy of the title Warrior of the Month!

The rules for entering are simple; we’re inviting members of the TotemFi community to create any and all assets, materials or content which will be beneficial and enjoyable to the wider community! After you’ve created something fun, post it in our Telegram group — — tag our community manager @Ak_Defi, and fill in this form:

Entries will be open for a month, after which they’ll be uploaded to the dApp for community voting, which will last two weeks!

Deadline for entries is the 15th November at 12pm UTC

See here for a guide of how to vote with

The winning Warrior of the Month will be rewarded with one of our super rare Starforged Wolf NFTs, celebrating the release of the wolf pool on our dApp (, and 400 TOTM tokens!

We’d like to thank our partners at for hosting our latest Warrior of the Month on their cutting edge tech stack — this DAO alliance represents the community together of two of the best communities with the DeFi space, to share ideas, engage with the principles of decentralised governance, and play an active role in the DeFi revolution and the decentralised future. Long live the DAO alliance!

Thanks for reading,

Team Totem

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