TotemFi’s Week in Review

It’s been another busy and exciting week for TotemFi, with a lot of activity and exciting initiatives taking place at Totem HQ! To keep our community fully up to date with all our latest developments, we’re delighted to present another quintessential TotemFi Week in Review!

Key highlights:

  • Mooncaster; Last week saw the close of our Vera Mooncaster event; the IDO was a great success, and winners were announced!
  • Series 1 NFTs; We recently announced more details around the TOTM token airdrops which we’ll be issuing to all Series 1 NFT HODLers!
  • Platform & Tech; There were a lot of exciting platform updates last week, including a new staking pool going live, and the launch of our long-awaited Collaborative Rewards!
  • Marketing; Our Co Founders participated in a very successful AMA with our new partners at Metis DAO
  • HyperFyre Giveaway; Our $5,000 giveaway, in partnership with Hypersign, has been progressing well, and will close on September 30th!


Last week saw the conclusion of our Vera Mooncaster pre-IDO allocation prediction event. We offered a total of $3000 in their $VERA token, issued at their private sale price of $0.03, to Totem Warriors who come closest to forecasting what price $VERA will close at 24 hours after it lists on UniSwap following it’s IDO on Polkastarter on 21st September.

The event was a big success, with $VERA achieving significant positive price action on launch. To read more about our Mooncaster event, and the Vera project and token, please see this deep dive article we recently produced:

We’ve got a lot of exciting upcoming news and announcements around our Mooncaster event series, which we can’t wait to reveal to our community — please stayed tuned, you definitely don’t want to miss what we’ve got planned!

Series 1 NFTs

Last week, we provided an in-depth rundown of our TOTM token airdrop, which all Series 1 NFT HODLers will be able to receive!

As well as all details of the airdrop, we also factored in community feedback we received, and shuffled the pricing structure of our NFT’s based on their rarity and airdrop ownership, allowing more Warriors to get their hands on the exclusive, rare and exquisite TotemFi Series One NFT’s.

For all info on our new pricing models and airdrop details, you can check out this article we put together:

Platform & tech

In some great platform news, last week we successfully launched a new non-punitive, staking-based BTC price prediction pool. The exciting update here is that this is the first pool to feature our long-awaited collaborative rewards functionality!

Collaborative Rewards is an extremely exciting platform feature, whereby if the weighted average of the prediction pools is within a $100 range (± $50) of the actual value of bitcoin on pool maturity, each winner’s reward will be increased by 20%.

Find out all the details of our collaborative rewards, and how they’re set to reshape the prediction markets space, here:


There were a number of marketing highlights for the TotemFi project this past week, with the headline news being our HyperFyre bounty, which our friends over at Hypersign are running through their new platform, is progressing incredibly well! We’ve been blown away by the uptake and enthusiasm which has been shown, and we’d like to wish a warm welcome to all new members of the Totem Warriors!

For more info around the giveaway, and how to get involved over the last few remaining days, see here:

In addition, our Co Founders Jol and Harry had a great AMA with our news and partners over at Metis DAO! They discussed how we’ll be looking to benefit from the innovative features which their Layer 2 Solution has to offer, how this looks set to expand the operability of the TotemFi prediction platform, and what the future has in store for the two projects!

Find out more here:

That’s all for this edition of TotemFi’s Week in Review — tune in next week to hear about all the accomplishments, activities and initiatives which the TotemFi team have been working on!

Thanks for reading,

Team Totem




Stake. Predict. Grow. // Staking-based prediction markets for the crypto community.

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Stake. Predict. Grow. // Staking-based prediction markets for the crypto community.

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