TotemFi’s Week in Review

It’s been another busy and exciting week for TotemFi, with a lot of activity and exciting initiatives taking place at Totem HQ! To keep our community fully up to date with all our latest developments, we’re delighted to present another quintessential TotemFi Week in Review!

Key highlights:

  • We announced arguably our most exciting Mooncaster to date with the groundbreaking NFT project Vera!
  • We partnered with our friends at Hypersign for a very exciting $5,000 giveaway
  • We announced the upcoming launch of our long-awaited collaborative rewards!
  • In other platform news, last week we launched another staking pool on the TotemFi dApp
  • There was a lot of activity across the marketing front, with an AMA which took place in the telegram group, an AMA announced with our friends at Metis, and some great media coverage around our NFT drop

Series 1 NFTs

Momentum from our Series 1 NFT drop has still been going strong, and community interest in our unique, rare, and beautifully crafted TotemFi NFTs shows no sign of waning.

It’s not just our community who are interested in our foray into digital art though; the Series 1 NFT drop was picked up by Crypto Daily, who also spoke with our Co Founders about the significance of the event, the meaning behind the TotemFi NFTs, and what else we’ve got planned in the NFT realm!

Read the full article here:


There was a lot of exciting activity around our Mooncaster pre-IDO allocation event series last week; we announced our partnership with groundbreaking NFT project Vera, and will be offering a highly sought after allocation in their much anticipated token launch taking place on 21st September!

You can read more about the details of our Mooncaster event, and how to take part, here:

To give our community more information about Vera and the sheer scale of innovation they’re bringing to the NFT, crypto and DeFi spaces, we put together a deep dive article on the project. We recommend everyone checks it out as part of their Mooncaster research:


In terms of the TotemFi platform, last week we were delighted to announce that we’ll shortly be launching our long-awaited collaborative rewards — the first initiative of its kind in the cryptosphere!

When our Co Founders set out on their journey to launch the world’s first non-punitive, staking-based prediction markets platform, they did so with the vision of rewarding the crypto community for their collective ability to predict the future outcomes of events; a skill which would have wide-ranging, positive societal ramifications.

Read more about our collaborative rewards here:

In other exciting platform news, last week we launched another non-punitive, staking-based prediction market on the TotemFi dApp! Due to high demand from our community of Totem Warriors the pool was quickly filled up, but not to worry — we’ll be launching another one very soon, so you’ll be able to Stake, Predict, Grow your BTC and TOTM stacks.

Head over to the dApp to get involved in our innovative DeFi prediction pools:


The headline marketing news from last week was that we partnered up with our friends at Hypersign to launch a $5,000 $HID and $TOTM giveaway! We have $2,500 of $TOTM and $2,500 of $HID up for grabs. Anyone can participate, all you need to do is follow some simple steps and WIN BIG!

For more info on how to get involved and start earning rewards, please see here:

Last week also saw our AMA with leading Asian exchange take place in their Telegram group! It went remarkably well, and it was great to connect with the Gate community — we’d like to thank them very much for having us!

You won’t have to wait long to see our Co Founders return for another AMA, as on September 23rd they’ll be joining the MetisDAO community in their Telegram group to discuss the future of Prediction Markets on blockchain, Totem’s collaboration with $METIS, and more!

See here for more info on this upcoming event:

That’s all for this edition of TotemFi’s Week in Review — tune in next week to hear about all the accomplishments, activities and initiatives which the TotemFi team have been working on!

Thanks for reading,

Team Totem



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