TotemFi’s Week in Review

It’s been another busy and exciting week for TotemFi, with a lot of activity and exciting initiatives taking place at Totem HQ! To keep our community fully up to date with all our latest developments, we’re delighted to present another quintessential TotemFi Week in Review!

Key highlights:

  • The week started with us publishing an article explaining all the benefits and joining the exclusive TotemFi Oracle groups
  • This week also saw the conclusion of our Warrior of the Month initiative, with our strongest warriors revealed
  • We also produced a report outlining the key achievements made by our tech team following the Mainnet launch of the TotemFi prediction platform
  • Last week we also officially welcomed Rynard Hugo on board as the latest member of the TotemFi team
  • In some very exciting news, last week saw the launch of our Series 1 NFTs, which went live on Open Sea
  • Last, but certainly not least, towards the end of the week we opened another prediction pool on the TotemFi platform

Tech & product

Starting out on the tech & product side of things, the headline news from last week is that we launched another staking pool on our non-punitive, prediction market platform. Through this, members of our community can put their prediction skills to the test, and earn BTC as well as native TOTM token rewards for accurately predicting the price of BTC at the time the pool ends.

To get involved in this, head over to our dApp and Stake, Predict, Grow with TotemFi!

In more tech news, last week we also published a report outlining the key achievements made by our tech team following the Mainnet launch of the TotemFi prediction platform. Our devs have been working round the clock since our Mainnet launch to constantly build, expand and improve the TotemFi platform, so that our users can have the best experience possible when staking their TOTM and predicting the price of BTC!

Read our full dev report here:

In some very exciting product news, last week saw the launch of our eagerly anticipated Series 1 NFTs on OpenSea! With varying levels of scarcity, our beautifully crafted NFTs are the perfect way to participate in the NFT phenomenon and digital art revolution, whilst receiving TOTM tokens in the process; each NFT comes with a certain number of TOTM, depending on the rarity of the item, which will be airdropped to NFT holders.

For more information on our NFT drop, and to find out more about how to invest in our bespoke digital artworks, please see here:


At TotemFi, we’ve always placed a huge emphasis on rewarding and incentivising our community, and last week was certainly no exception to this. Throughout the previous month, we’ve been running a “Warrior of the Month” initiative, whereby we invited our community to create something fun, engaging or beneficial to the wider TotemFi community.

Last week saw the conclusion of that initiative, with community voting on the shortlisted entries drawing to a close and the winners being announced. We were absolutely blown away by the quality of entries we received; it was yet another demonstration that TotemFi really does have the best community within the whole DeFi space!

For more info on our Warrior of the Month event, and to check out the winning entries, please see here:

Alongside our NFT drop, last week we were also delighted to announce the winner of our Genesis Pool NFT giveaway; one lucky warrior who entered our first ever staking pool was selected at random to receive one of our rare Ascendant Fox NFTs, as a token of our appreciation for all users who turned out to support our platform launch.

For more details on our Genesis Pool NFT giveaway winner, please see here:

Lastly, this previous week also brought to light another recent development which demonstrates the sheer quality, enthusiasm and all-round greatness of our community; our honorary Warrior of the Month Rynard Hugo. Although he didn’t enter the competition, Rynard has been helping us out over the past several weeks, in particular around our Mainnet launch, with issues ranging from Discord support to listings outreach across various crypto ranking platforms.

Rynard’s efforts in support of the TotemFi project have been astounding; having initially approached us as a community member looking to help out in any way he can, Rynard quickly became a highly valuable and effective extension of the TotemFi team. Because of the great initiative and work ethic Rynard displayed, last week we made him an offer to come aboard the TotemFi project as an official member of the team!

We’ll be writing an article soon with more details around this and the great work Rynard has accomplished so far, so do stay tuned for further info!

Media & Marketing

At the start of last week, we published an article outlining the key benefits of joining our exclusive TotemFi Oracle groups! Since their inception, the Oracle groups have been a major part of the TotemFi project, and have been instrumental not just in fostering good community atmosphere and spirit, but in shaping the direction and vision of the project itself!

To find our more about the Oracle groups, the benefits of joining, the role they’ve played in getting the TotemFi project to where it is, and also how to join, please see here:

To mark the introduction of BTC as legislation in El Salvador, last week we republished an article written by our Co Founder Harry, and published as a feature in leading publication Finextra, about the implications of legalising Bitcoin as a form of national currency. Shortly after this, it emerged that Ukraine has also legalised BTC — we’ll let you decide if this was a coincidence or not!

To read our Co Founders article, please see here:

That’s all for this edition of TotemFi’s Week in Review — tune in next week to hear about all the accomplishments, activities and initiatives which the TotemFi team have been working on!

Thanks for reading,

Team Totem

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