TotemFi’s Week in Review

⚔️🛡️ Hello Totem Warriors,

💥What a week it’s been over at Totem HQ — some big milestones passed in the last week, and plenty of exciting updates to share with all of our warriors!

🌙 Starting with our Mooncaster event series, last week saw the close of our Hypersign pre-IDO prediction event, as well as the first installments of $HiD being sent out to the Totem Oracles who most accurately forecasted what price $HiD would close at 24hrs after it listed on Uniswap!

Read more about our Hypersign Mooncaster event here:

💪 In some great news for the Totem Tech team, last week we hired three new developers — two full stack developers, and one blockchain dev! These hires should prove invaluable to the Totem team as we move ever closer to Mainnet, and the launch of our staking-based predictions market platform

🚨 This brings us on to the headline news of last week — the launch of our Mainnet Beta Testing! We opened applications to our strongest warriors, and have been blown away by the response we received! 15 Beta Testers have now started to trial the platform, and their feedback will ensure that when Mainnet launches it’s in the very best operational shape possible for our wider community.

Read more about our Beta Testing here:

🗞 Lastly, in some media news, last week Hackernoon republished an article written recently by the TotemFi team, in which they discuss the potential DeFi has to reshape the retail investing space, and make it more equitable, fair, and accessible for the average investor. This is an issue we take very seriously, and is indeed the core reason why we decided to launch a non-punitive, easy-to-use DeFi prediction markets platform.

Read the full piece here:

🙏 Thanks very much for reading, and for being with us on this incredible #Road2Mainnet — the future is certainly looking bright for TotemFi and all of the Totem Warriors!

Big love,
Team Totem



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