TotemFi’s Week in Review — DeFi Live Edition!

This past week at TotemFi saw us venture out of Totem HQ and into the conference halls of one of the hottest crypto events of the year — DEFI LIVE! It was a week packed full of activities across both virtual and physical spaces, along with a lot of other exciting initiatives across the TotemFi ecosystem, so without further ado let’s dive into another quintessential Week in Review!

Key highlights:

  • DeFi Live: This was the headline news of last week; the Totem team took part in an industry event which pushed the boundaries of crypto thought space, and met up with some of our longstanding friends and contacts (in some cases, for the first time!).
  • Totem Flare; Last week also saw the conclusion of our inaugural TotemFlare bounty campaign, in which we made $16,000 worth of tokens available to the crypto community
  • Platform & Product: In some very exciting news, last week we closed our Neptune Megapool, which — with BTC at its current price — contains over $70,000 worth of rewards for the Totem Warriors!
  • Team Updates: We recently welcomed the very talented Meera into the TotemFi Tribe, who will be joining us as our newest marketing exec!

DeFi Live

The Totem Team descended on DeFi Live in full force last week, with our whole London contingent being present at the physical event in Kensington conference centre on Thursday.

We had a booth in the conference centre lobby where Totem veteran Max was joined by our newest team member Meera (more on this exciting new hire later!) to showcase all things TotemFi to the conference’s esteemed guests.

In addition, our Co Founder and CMO Harry Horsfall — as the driving force behind the inauguration and organisation of DeFi Live — opened the conference with a key-note speech in which he laid out his vision behind hosting the phenomenal two-day event.


As part of our contribution to DeFi Live, we utilised the newly announced TotemFlare platform — our joint venture with our friends over at Hypersign — to launch a $16,000 giveaway! The prize pot for this event was brought to you by a roster of DeFi Live’s leading sponsors and TotemFi’s close friends, including, Hypersign, Bumper, Lepricon, Chain, MetisDAO, Cudos.

The campaign was a great success, and saw over 4,000 people participate! Tokens will be made available shortly on’s trustless vesting and distribution platform, and we’ll be announcing more information on this along with DeFi live over the coming days.

To read more about our triumphant inaugural TotemFlare campaign, please see here:

Platform & Product

The highlight on our platform & product front from the previous week was the great success and uptake of our Neptune Mega Pool! A special version of our quintessential staking-based prediction pools, the Neptune Mega Pool invites Totem Warriors to forecast at what price BTC will end the year.

The pool features unprecedentedly large rewards up for grabs; with BTC at its current price, the total rewards on offer are worth over $70,000! It’s no surprise then that the pool has been so popular, with over 750,000 TOTM tokens staked by the time it closed which equates to 14.1% of circulating supply!

For more info on our Neptune Megapool, please see here:

Sticking with platform & product, last week we also published our staking pool schedule for the month of November. For this, we initiated an accessible new format which should go a long way in keeping our Totem Warriors up to speed on all the opportunities and timings to Stake, Predict, and Win on the TotemFi platform!

Our latest Wolf pool opened yesterday on Monday, 15th November — heading over to the TotemFi dApp to get involved in the industry’s first non-punitive prediction markets platform:

Team Updates

Last, but certainly not least, we recently welcomed Meera Narendra to the TotemFi team as our newest marketing exec!

At TotemFi, we take pride in finding grade A talent and bringing them on board. We’re certain Meera is going to further accelerate our progress, and help spread the word about our innovative predictions platform far and wide.

We’ve always believed that hiring the best and brightest is what sets projects up for success, and with our world class team and innovative tech, we are set to disrupt prediction markets.

With this in mind, we’re incredibly excited to welcome Meera to the TotemTribe!!

You can read more about Meera, her very impressive background, and all the brilliant ways she’ll be contributing to the TotemFi team here:

That’s all for this edition of TotemFi’s Week in Review — tune in next week to hear about all the accomplishments, activities and initiatives which the TotemFi team have been working on!

Thanks for reading,

Team Totem



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