TotemFi’s Year-In-Review: Looking back on the year that changed prediction markets forever


As we reached the end of 2020, many of us looked around and imagined what the world might be like for 2021. Would we be able to spend our holidays with loved ones? Would people return to the office? Would we be able to enjoy ourselves in a restaurant, or go visit the cinema? Now in 2022, we are still grappling with the same concept, however one thing we are 100% certain about is building this community and product has been a joy — and in 2022 we’ll look to build on our cornerstone.

2021 really has been a blessing. TotemFi saw a huge amount of activity and growth on all fronts from platform, product, to community, and even to the Totem Team. We want to provide our Warriors with an update of what Totem HQ achieved in 2021. So without further ado, let’s look back on the year that was 2021in our first (of many!) TotemFi Year in Review!

Key highlights:

  • TOTM Token Launch
  • Maple Mainnet Launch
  • Mooncaster Series
  • Oracles Group
  • DeFi Live
  • Zircon Mainnet
  • Marketing & Community

Token Launch

The TotemFi project was conceived towards the end of 2020, and the first few months of 2021 were all geared towards one thing; the hotly anticipated launch of $TOTM, the token which fuels our innovative ecosystem. In April $TOTM was launched on Uniswap &, after IDOs on DuckSTARTER and the — and what a success it was. We achieved over on launch, which was testament to the sheer demand from the crypto community for our token and the numerous, never-before-seen benefits it brings.

Soon after we moved across to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in a move which greatly expanded the functionality, interoperability, and accessibility of the $TOTM token, and thus allowing our users to benefit from operating across both BSC and ETH networks.

The launch attracted considerable media attention, including a profile piece by CoinMarketCap’s research and insights arm Alexandria, which delved into $TOTM and the TotemFi project as a whole. You can recap on this here:

Mainnet Launch

Following token launch, August was arguably the most exciting time of TotemFi since the project’s inception itself with the launch of our Open Beta Mainnet — the world’s first non-punitive, staking based prediction markets platform. The launch represented the culmination of and attainment of the vision laid out by our Co-Founders.

As part of the launch, TotemFi partnered with leading Data Oracle Chainlink to integrate their Price Feeds on the BSC mainnet. By integrating Chainlink’s industry-leading decentralized oracle network, TotemFi has access to high-quality, tamper-proof price feeds needed to assess which of our users have made the most accurate predictions in the future price of BTC.

Our tech team worked round the clock to get the platform up and running, and to ensure that our users would be able to Stake, Predict and Grow on a fun, engaging and safe platform.

Mooncaster Series

Community is and always will be at the very center of our focus here at TotemFi, and throughout 2021 we’ve been providing members of our community with the opportunity to receive pre-IDO allocations in some of the hottest up and coming crypto projects through our “Mooncaster” event series.

We entered into numerous strategic partnerships with soon-to-launch projects, and offered allocations into their pre-IDO fundraising rounds to members of our community who hodl over 500 $TOTM tokens, and are part of our exclusive Totem Oracles Telegram group! These are private Telegram groups, open to community members who hold over 500 and 5,000 $TOTM tokens respectively. Members of the Oracles groups will already be very familiar with all the benefits to be gained from being part of these exclusive communities, but for an overview of these benefits make sure to read here.

Participants in the Mooncaster events earn allocations by accurately predicting the price the tokens trade at 24 hours after they launch. Starting off the Mooncaster series, we announced the NFT project Legends of Crypto as our first strategic partners for our Mooncaster pre-IDO prediction series. Following the success, we have since entered strategic partnerships for the series with Ethermon, Hypersign,, Privi Trax, Privi Pix, and Vera!

2022 will continue to see more strategic partnerships!

To facilitate these Mooncaster events, we created two exclusive groups for members of our community; the TotemFi Oracles Den, and the TotemFi Oracles Den Elite. These are private

DeFi Live

November saw the Totem team venture out of Totem HQ and into the conference halls of one of the hottest crypto events of the year — DeFi Live! Our whole London contingent were present at the physical event in Kensington conference centre on Thursday.

We had a booth in the conference centre lobby where Totem veteran Max was joined by Meera to showcase all things TotemFi to the conference’s esteemed guests.

In addition, our Co Founder and CMO Harry Horsfall — as the driving force behind the inauguration and organisation of DeFi Live — opened the conference with a key-note speech in which he laid out his vision behind hosting the phenomenal two-day event.

DeFi Live was such a success — we cannot wait for the next one.

Marketing & Community


We achieved a series #lifegoal in and finally got verified on Twitter AND reached 20K followers!! Even Twitter can’t ignore the disruption which the worlds’ first non punitive prediction markets platform is making.

Warrior of the Month

In November our Warrior of the Month competition was in full swing and we saw some very strong entrants. This edition of our competition is presented by our new DAO alliance partners — a leading DAO protocol building the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) Suite; a toolkit of dApps for the decentralized future.

Through our DAO alliance with, we’re applying the most fundamental principles of DeFi to this Warrior of the Month event; namely, decentralised decision making, facilitated through the community consensus which’s governance infrastructure will allow us to achieve.


Another project highlight of 2021 was TotemFlare — our joint venture with Hypersign’s Hyperfyre platform. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again — community is at the very heart of what we’re trying to achieve here at TotemFi. When our founders first created the project, they did so with the vision of making non-punitive prediction markets a reality for the crypto community.

With that in mind then, you can imagine how excited we were when we came across a project in the DeFi space as committed to fostering positive community cohesion as we are. It wasn’t long after meeting our friends at Hypersign — the innovative Cross-chain Identity and Access Management Protocol — that we knew we were embarking on the start of a long term partnership.

Our passion for prediction markets underpins this collaboration; we’ll be adding in predictive elements to future bounty campaigns on TotemFlare, offering users bonus points to speculate on things such as how many people take part in the campaign, which aspect of it will receive the most attention, and so on.

Through this, we’ll be introducing whole new communities and broad new audiences to the principles of predictions, and driving adoption of decentralised forecast markets to exciting and uncharted places!

Neptune Megapool

November saw a special version of our quintessential staking-based prediction pools — the Neptune Megapool, which invited Totem Warriors to forecast at what price BTC will end the year.

The pool features unprecedentedly large rewards up for grabs — the total rewards on offer are worth over $70,000. It’s no surprise then that the pool was so popular, with over 750,000 TOTM tokens staked by the time it closed — equating to 14.1% of circulating supply!

Zircon Mainnet

In August, TotemFi’s hotly anticipated “Maple” Mainnet went live, and with the culmination of our efforts to bring non-punitive, staking-based prediction markets to the crypto community.

However, we’ve never been satisfied with staying static; here at TotemFi, we’re committed to expanding, growing, and constantly improving our project, and making sure that our community of loyal Warriors have the best possible product and platform through which they can Stake, Predict, and Win with TOTM. With that in mind, TotemFi ended the year with the launch of our “Zircon” Mainnet.

The Zircon Mainnet will see the expansion of both the on-chain and off-chain assets available for users of the TotemFi to predict on. For more details on this, see our most recent Roadmap Review.

The Zircon Mainnet will feature a revamped fronted, featuring a sleek user interface which will enhance the operability and accessibility of the platform, and provide users with the most seamless and enjoyable experience possible. In addition, TotemFi v2 will present the TOTM Warriors with a range of opportunities to stake their assets and forecast future prices and events whilst having fun in the process

Co Founder and CEO of TotemFi Jolyon Layard Horsfall elaborated on the opportunities which TotemFi v2 has to offer:

“TotemFi v2 represents the next stage in the evolution of our decentralized prediction markets platform; it was only right that v1 centered around predictions on BTC, as its the flagship asset of the cryptosphere and, ultimately, the reason we’re all here. However, now that our Warriors have Staked, Predicted, and Won by forecasting on BTC, it thought it was the perfect time to launch our Zircon Mainnet and give them access to other crypto, DeFi, and TradFi assets, along with a host of other platform utilities and functionalities”.


To The Moon

Thank you all very much for reading our Year In Review!

We’ve said it before, but it’s been such an incredible journey getting to this point, and it’s been our amazing community being with us every step along the way which has made it so worthwhile.

We can’t wait to show you all what we have in the pipeline for 2022 — BIG plans coming, stay tuned!

Big love,

Totem Team



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