TotemFi’s Zircon Mainnet Has Arrived — Here’s What V2 Means For Our Warriors

In August, TotemFi’s hotly anticipated “Maple” Mainnet went live, and with the culmination of our efforts to bring non-punitive, staking-based prediction markets to the crypto community.

However, we’ve never been satisfied with staying static; here at TotemFi, we’re committed to expanding, growing, and constantly improving our project, and making sure that our community of loyal Warriors have the best possible product and platform through which they can Stake, Predict, and Win with TOTM.

That’s why today we are delighted to announce the launch of TotemFi v2, and the deployment of our “Zircon” Mainnet!

What Does TotemFi V2 Have To Offer?

Our “Zircon” Mainnet (don’t worry, explainer guide on the naming choice is coming soon!) will be the base from which we launch the next phase of our project; it will be a phase which sees the expansion of both the on-chain and off-chain assets available for users of the TotemFi to predict on. For more details on this, see our most recent Roadmap Review.

Co Founder and CEO of TotemFi Jolyon Layard Horsfall elaborated on the opportunities which TotemFi v2 has to offer:

“TotemFi v2 represents the next stage in the evolution of our decentralized prediction markets platform; it was only right that v1 centered around predictions on BTC, as its the flagship asset of the cryptosphere and, ultimately, the reason we’re all here. However, now that our Warriors have Staked, Predicted, and Won by forecasting on BTC, it thought it was the perfect time to launch our Zircon Mainnet and give them access to other crypto, DeFi, and TradFi assets, along with a host of other platform utilities and functionalities”.

The Zircon Mainnet will also feature a revamped frontend, featuring a sleek user interface which will enhance the operability and accessibility of the platform, and provide users with the most seamless and enjoyable experience possible.

In addition, TotemFi v2 will present the TOTM Warriors with a range of opportunities to stake their assets and forecast future prices and events whilst having fun in the process. Following the success of our Neptune Megapool (which, by the way, draws to a close on December 31st — good luck!), we’ve decided to make this a regular staple of the platform, and as such the Zircon Mainnet will feature a “Pool of the Month”, with phenomenal prizes and staking rewards up for grabs!

TotemFi’s Co Founder and CMO Harry Horsfall discussed the numerous benefits which the Zircon Mainnet will usher in:

“TotemFi has first and foremost been a community-centric project; from our Mooncaster events, to our exclusive Telegram communities, to the many incentivising rewards, competitions, and giveaways we host, we’re also looking for the best way to reward and encourage our amazing community. That’s why our Zircon Mainnet was designed with community in mind, from the outstanding rewards the platform offers, to its design itself which reduces the friction to prediction, we wanted to embed the TOTM spirit right into the essence of Zircon. We can’t wait for everyone to get on the platform and start Staking, Predicting, and Winning with TotemFi v2!”

What The Community Thinks

For the past month, the Zircon Mainnet has been undergoing rigorous testing from a select group of the most ardent and passionate Totem Warriors; the same group whose efforts made our Maple Mainnet launch the unmitigated success that it was.

Here’s what they have to say about the platform, direct from the community:

Ron: “An incredible new interface built by an even better team. Always moving forward! Glad to experience and witness the growth of TotemFi from the front row.”

Hentsu: “User experience was very smooth. UI looks really sleek and polished. Easy to use.”

We can’t wait to hear the feedback of the wider TotemFi community — please feel free to drop your thoughts and comments straight into our Telegram Group.

Bug Bounty

It’s not just our Beta Testers though who’s feedback we’re taking on board, but the thoughts and feedback of our entire community.

That’s why we’re offering a bounty of 100 TOTM tokens to anyone and everyone who finds a problem with the Zircon Mainnet platform, or who has a comment / suggestion which then gets implemented onto either the frontend or backend.

You can enter the bug bounty, or provide your feedback on the platform, via this form:

- — -

Again, we want to finish by thanking our community for making this such a fulfilling and enjoyable journey for us — we’re building TotemFi for the community and with the community, so Zircon Mainnet is for each and every one of you to enjoy.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and we’ll see you all on Zircon!

Big love,

Team Totem



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