We’re delighted to announce two new additions to the TotemFi team!

Community members make the team!

At TotemFi, we pride ourselves on finding grade A talent and bringing them onboard our project to further our progress and contribute to the innovative tech we’re using to disrupt the prediction market ecosystem. We’ve always believed that hiring the best and brightest is what sets projects up for success more than any other factor.

In light of this, we’re incredibly excited to welcome two new members to the Totem warrior Tribe; Nik and Rynard! Both of them are natural born bulls, and are both subject matter experts in their respective fields. Nik is a highly talented UX designer and visualisation consultant with 15+ years of experience working for international car manufacturers and SAAS companies. Rynard joins us as a marketing executive, and alongside his role at Totem he’s Currently studying LLB at University of Pretoria.

Initially a member of the Totem Warriors community, Rynard showed such passion and enthusiasm for the project that we had to bring him onboard as a fully fledged member of the team! He epitomises the positive spirit we’re seeking to foster within the Totem community, and we’ve always believed in rewarding talent and hard work wherever we see it, so it’s a great pleasure having him work alongside our team in an official capacity.

We couldn’t be happier having Nik and Rynard with us along this incredible journey which we’ve been on since the TotemFi project was initially devised, and we’re very much looking forward to seeing the amazing things they’ll deliver — LFG!

Thanks for reading,

Team Totem



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