Ahead of iTrust.finance’s IDO on SushiSwap’s MISO Launchpad on 23rd June, and the opening of our Mooncaster pre-IDO allocation event soon, we wanted to provide an overview of the project to fully convey to our Totem Warriors the scale of innovation behind their project, and how significant the launch of their $ITG token is!

What is iTrust.finance?

To put it plainly, iTrust.finance gives users easy access to DeFi insurance staking pools, with a long-term aim of providing staking solutions across the entire DeFi landscape. Their first strategic partner protocol is Nexus Mutual, and once the iTrust.finance …

⚔️🛡️ Hello Totem Warriors,

💥What a week it’s been over at Totem HQ — some big milestones passed in the last week, and plenty of exciting updates to share with all of our warriors!

🌙 Starting with our Mooncaster event series, last week saw the close of our Hypersign pre-IDO prediction event, as well as the first installments of $HiD being sent out to the Totem Oracles who most accurately forecasted what price $HiD would close at 24hrs after it listed on Uniswap!

Read more about our Hypersign Mooncaster event here: https://totemfi.medium.com/totemfis-hypersign-mooncaster-event-is-now-open-79e55e6b4e5dn

💪 In some great news for the Totem…

We’re delighted to announce that for our next Mooncaster pre-IDO allocation event we’re partnering with iTrust.finance — The friction reducing, yield enhancing, capital allocation provider within DeFi insurance

iTrust.finance focus on improving and innovating 3 common cornerstones that hinder efficiency and growth for insurance protocols in the DeFi sector, providing a win-win solution for all parties of the DAO and the underlying insurance protocols:

I. Efficiency

iTrust builds cover capacity for insurance protocols, enabling lower premiums and adoption. Our first partnership is with Nexus Mutual, with multiple protocols following shortly.

II. Increased Returns

iTrust maximises user staking rewards by offering…

We’re delighted to announce the next major milestone on our road to Mainnet — the beginning of beta testing for the TotemFi prediction markets platform!

Applications for beta testing are now open to our strongest warriors 💪 and will run until 5pm UTC on Friday, June 11th. There are 15 spots available for, and three ways to apply:

  1. There are 5 spots available to warriors with exceptional beta testing experience. Enter your credentials here as a top beta tester: https://forms.gle/z1Z6bnZkEJJsnGBQ9
  2. In the spirit of a community-driven, market platform, we’re offering 5 spots for members of the TotemFi community who most…

Innovative cross-chain identity protocol and whitelisting solution Hypersign will be having its IDO on Ignition’s launchpad on Wednesday, June 9th, at 10:00 am UTC — meaning there’s just under 24 hours until our Mooncaster event closes!

Our $HID Mooncaster event will be open until 10am UTC — any Totem Oracle who hasn’t entered yet should do so as soon as possible for a chance to secure an share of our community allocation of $7,000 in $HID tokens , issued at their private sale price of $0.18.

The public sale price of $HID will be $0.25 (1.4x private sale), and there…

We’re delighted to announce our Hypersign Mooncaster event is now open!

We’ll be offering a total allocation of $7,000 in their $HID token, issued at their private sale price of $0.18, to Totem Warriors who come closest to forecasting what price $HID will close at 24 hours after it lists on Uniswap following it’s IDO on Ignition on June 9th!

The public sale price of $HID will be $0.25 (1.4x private sale), and there will be a total supply of 50,000,000 tokens, with an initial market cap of just $575,000!

For this event, we’re opening up entries to all members…

Dear investors, stakeholders and warriors,

May was a very strong month for the TotemFi project, filled with some great activity across all fronts, and some very exciting updates and developments. Our primary focus, and what we’ve been prioritizing, is building the TotemFi platform, so we can fulfill our promise of delivering non-punitive, staking-based prediction markets to the crypto community. It’s been pleasing to see development progressing in line with the roadmap, with some big milestones passed along the way, which will be discussed in more detail later in this letter.

We’ve also been working hard on our Mooncaster pre-IDO allocation…

We’re incredibly excited and humbled to announce that we’ll be part of the Kernel Block III accelerator program! It’s an immense privilege to have access to their network of industry and thought leaders, who are all working together to grow the open-source infrastructure, and build web 3.0.

The Kernel accelerator programme was founded by the team at Gitcoin — a community of builders, creators, and protocols at the center of open web ecosystems, all united in their vision to shape the future of the open internet.

Kernel is a peer-to-peer learning community dedicated to the journey towards a better understanding…

We’re delighted to announce that, after many months of hard work, the smart contracts for our staking-based prediction markets platform are going to audit!

The past few weeks have seen a lot of turbulence within the markets, and yet despite this the TotemFi tech team have maintained their grit and have been BUIDLing the dip, in a concerted effort to deliver our MVP on schedule so that the crypto community can have access to decentralised prediction markets which reward, encourage and incentivise accurate individual and collective predictions.

As with building any tech, it’s required some perseverance and late nights to…

Ahead of Hypersign’s IDO in the second week of June, and the opening of our Mooncaster pre-IDO allocation event soon, we wanted to provide an overview of the project to fully convey to our Totem Warriors the scale of innovation behind their project, and how significant the launch of their $HID token is.

What is Hypersign?

Hypersign is an omni-chain decentralised Identity & Security solution that is simple to use and stores user data in a manner that is ONLY accessible by the owner and its intended recipients. …


Stake. Predict. Grow. // Staking-based prediction markets for the crypto community.

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